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[USS Churchill]S1:E1-The call home

Posted on Fri Dec 14th, 2018 @ 11:22pm by Commander James Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:13pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Churchill
Timeline: MD000-18:00 Hrs- 17/04/2392

James sat in his ready room still amazed at the thought of being a father, but now he was, he said "Computer, open a channel to the Klingon home world," as he sat looking at the terminal, for once he could give Eric a shock with news of his own, the news being that Ellie was now back in his life and now with his daughter Fae. now he was going to spring it upon his brother and his wife, although he remembered how T'legh hated surprises.

"Working" replied the female voice of the Churchill's computer as it started to make the connection to Q'onoS, James hoped that he hadn't woken T'legh up and the last thing he wanted was an angry Sister-in law, but how was she going to be when she learned that she was now an Auntie, as he smiled to himself as the screen changed from the federation symbol to that of a growling female Klingon.

=/\= Greetings dear Sister,=/\= James said as he looked back at the fierce looking woman, as he leaned back into his chair, He continued,=/\= Is Eric around and Jessica as I have some important news for you all,=/\= as he took the glare that she gave him,. He knew that she did this every time he called to try and intimidate him, but it never worked on him.

=/\= What in Kahles do you think the time is,=/\= she growled looking back at him as he noticed to others walk behind her, James smiled a small smile that he had indeed woke T'legh up, this was for all the times that she had woke him up. she continued =/\= Now look what you have done, you have woke the entire household up,=/\= as she growled once more.

=/\= Hey bro, what's with the early morning call?=/\= asked his brother Eric who looked back at his brother as he continued, =not that it is nice of you to call though,=/\= as he noticed Jessica to a stop beside her mother, as Eric finished, =/\=So what is it?"

James replied, =/\= Well, as it happens I do have news,=/\= as he looked back at the three of them He continued,=/\= first off , I'm back in starfleet and in command of the USS Churchill,=/\= as he looked back at the faces of his brother and the rest of his family. He continued =/\= also Ellie has come back into my life,=/\= as he waited for the two bombshells to hit home.

=/\= What in blue blazes made you do that?=/\= asked Eric as he knew that his brother had burnt out after his last stint in Starfleet, he continued, =/\= And when did Ellie come back?=/\= as he asked James the question as T'Liegh rasied an eyebrow.

=/\= I never resigned Eric, I just took my R& R time that I had mounted up,=/\= replied James looking back at his brother, He continued =/\= And as for Ellie, she has not long left my office=/\= as he wondered how the news would go down that he was now an Uncle and more to the point that T'Leigh was an auntie. He finished, =/\= But she did leave me with some news,=/\= as he leaned backinto his chair.

=/\= Oh and what's that May I ask?=/\= asked Eric with a raised eyebrow as now nothing could shock him or at least he thought so, after allhe never thought that his brother would return to Starfleet or for that matter take command of a Starship.

James responded, =/\= I have a daughter named Fae,=/\= as he wached the shock of the news hit T'Leigh more than his brother, He smiled at the thought once more, he said jokingly=/\= That makes you an Anuntie T'legh=/\= as he smirked as he noticed Jessica giving herself a faceplam and shaking her head. as Eric just dropped his head knowing that what James had said would now put her in afowl mood for the rest of the day.

T'leigh responded =/\=Eric, Jessica, Start packing,=/\= as she turned on her heels and headed back towards the bedroom, James knew that she was now angry at him and was going to take it out on Eric and Jessica, but James knew that she was also going to take it out on him.

Eric responded =/\= Cheers bro, now I have to calm he down=/\= as he turned to follow T'Leigh back into their bedroom, James knew that Eric wasn't happy with him, as he noticed Jessica just turn and head back to her room as he heared Eric call =/\= End Call=/\= as the screen changed once more from Eric's home to that of the federation symbol, James now had to start getting the churchill ready to leave Space dock and get ready to meet his Daughter.



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