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[USS Churchill] S1:Ep1-The First Meeting

Posted on Sat Dec 29th, 2018 @ 11:16pm by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart & Fae Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:42pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Kees Quarters
Timeline: MD005 1900 Hrs 22/04/2392

Ellie couldn’t help but feel a little nervous about having invited James for dinner. She wanted him to meet his daughter but she wasn’t sure how Fae would react to her father especially as she’d never met him before. She smiled as Fae helped with laying up the table, glad she couldn’t yet sense how nervous her mother was.

James had finished with his call to Eric and T'Leigh who were shocked to see him back in uniform and that he was now in command of a starship, what also came of a shock was that Ellie had been assigned to the Churchill, as he remembered the face of his Sister-in law when he told them that Ellie had not come alone. as he held the bunch of Ellie's favorite flowers in one hand and a teddy in the other for Fae, James made his way to their quarters, he wondered what Fae was going to do and be like as this was the first time that she had met him.

Ellie was busy getting food ready, Fae as always was happily helping out laying the table as the door chime rang.

“I’ll get it mummy!” Fae dived for the door, simply standing for a moment to take in the man standing at the door before suddenly throwing herself at James. “Daddy!!!”

Ellie appeared from nearby simply standing with a huge smile on her face as she saw Fae wrapped around James’ legs. “For me?” She smiled as she took the flowers he was holding, inhaling their scent “They’re lovely, Thank you.” She grinned at Fae as she took the flowers to put them in a vase. “Fae sweetheart you’d best let your daddy go so he can come in. Plus he has something for you.”

Fae slowly let go of James’ legs but grabbed his spare hand instead and pulled him inside, only letting go as the doors slid shut behind him. Her eyes fell on the teddy bear he was holding. “Is that for me Daddy?”

As James sat down on the sofa, he replied," Yes it is sweetheart," as he held out the Teddy so that Fae could take it from him, " here you go," He continued as he gave her a smile as she took hold of the bear, he finished, "Now you going to give me a proper hug?"

Fae took a moment to look at her mother for permission before throwing her arms around James’ neck and giving him a loving hug.

"So Fae, were you a good girl for your mother on the way over here?" asked James as he held the teddy near her, as he knew that Fae would behave and now he knew that he and Ellie would have to look at a nanny for Fae when they were both on duty. but he had to discuss this with Ellie.

"Yes Daddy" Fae grinned from ear to ear as she looked at James. "Mummy..." She looked towards Ellie. "Are you and Daddy going to be staying together now?" She looked at her mother then back at James.

"Well's kind of say." Ellie looked at James hoping he'd be able yo help with this and any other difficult questions Fae might come out with. "How about you go and get your drawings and work that you've been doing in nursery and show your father?"

Fae nodded and headed to her room. Leaving Ellie and James alone for a moment. "I'm sorry, I guess these questions are going to keep coming." She smiled warmly.

"Its quite alright, she's just looking out for her family," replied James, he continued, "and about family, I sort of Called Eric and T'Leigh " as he looked back at Ellie, He finished," I told them that you were back in my life and also mentioned Fae,"

"I bet that went down well" she shook her head. "Niot that it would scare my away. How’s about we get on and have dinner then I’ll give you some time to get to know Fae before I put her to bed.” She smiled warmly.

< 2 Hours later >

With an enjoyable evenings dinner done and Fae having some time to get to know her father Ellie eventually had to get Fae off to bed. That done she returned to the living area to sit with James. “She’s out like a light” She smiled. “Thank you for tonight James, Fae’s enjoyed herself getting to know you and I’ve enjoyed having you here too,” She blushed as she looked at him.

"She is my Daughter and getting to know her is enjoyable," replied James looking back at Ellie, as he knew that now was the time to talk about work, He asked," Have you decided about what to do with Fae when we are on away missions?" as he knew that was going to be a sticking point.

"She's grown up on a starship she's used to the routine by now." She hoped he wasn't going to suggest leaving Fae anywhere. "She'll stay with Child care where she'll be looked after."

"That's fine, but I want her to have the same child care assistant so that she is used to the young lady," replied James, he continued," and that Fae gets to know her and not be swapped around," as he leaned back into the sofa as he looked back at Ellie as for the second time in as matter of hours that he had been talking about his daughter.

“Of course" She looked at him and smiled. Her heart was racing just being in the same room as him. She was hoping that maybe there was still enough attraction between them to get their relationship going again. "I like to make sure she's not passed around different people, it makes her unsettled. I'm sorry that I sprung this on you James, I did try to contact you about my pregnancy but my ship was out on the rim....I guess you never got my messages."

"No I didn't," replied James as he looked back at Ellie, He continued," at least I get to know her now," as he smiled back at her, he asked, " Was there any problems with the birth?" as he was worried that Fae might have problems.

"It wasn't the easiest of pregnancies" She offered a smile. "I had bad morning sickness to start off with, I was guest in sickbay for a while. The mid part went okay but the birth was....complicated to say the least! I ended up having a Caesarian. I still have the scar, they did offer to regenerate the skin to get rid of the scar but I wanted to keep it."

"May I ask why?" asked James who was now showing concern for her safety, he continued" I just want to be sure that you are ok," as she was now his chief Counselor.

"As silly as it sounds...." She put her hand on her stomach. "It's a kind of souvenir. Beyond that I'm not entirely sure why I kept it. Maybe somewhere in my mind I was trying to save something of the pregnancy for you. You did miss out on all things a father gets to take part in during a pregnancy and I wished so many times that you were there with me."

" I understand," replied James as he had missed out on so much, Fae's first word, her first steps, even her first smile, as he looked back at Ellie, he knew that there was alot he had to make up for and by Kahless he would make dam sure that he would do that.

"Are you worried about me?" She smiled as she looked at James. "It's been five years since I was pregnant James, I'm as fit as a fiddle! The only thing I have to be careful of is if I decide to have any more children at any point. It carries risks for my health but apart from that I'm fine."

"Yes I am Ellie, you have been through this on your own," replied James as he looked back at her, he continued," But you are alone no more and I will take my responsibilities as her father as I do as captain of the Churchill," as he leaned back into his chair.

Ellie smiled warmly. "Of that I've no doubt. Is there room for us in there too?" She looked at him curiously. "I guess what I'm asking is whether there's room for a personal as well as professional relationship?"

"of course there is, you are the mother of my child," replied James as he looked back at her,"but we do have to take it slow so that Fae gets used to having me around," he continued as he leaned back into his chair. He finished," also the family are on their way to see her," as he knew that T'Leigh wanted to see Ellie.

“Seriously? You’re family are coming here to see us?” She looked at him in surprise. “Good job I brushed up on my skills with a Bat’leth then I might need it!” She grinned to show she was joking.

"That they are, and I mean all of them, T'Leigh, Eric and Jessica," replied James as he looked back at her, "T'Leigh wants to meet Fae," He stated, "Now that she is an Auntie , I suspect she will probably Make Jessica stay here," as he knew Jessica would not disobey her mother on this matter, This didn't matter to him as he hadn't seen Jess in a long time.

"How old is Jessica now?" She looked at James curiously. "As long as T'Leigh remembers Fae is our daughter, she will be raised the way I see fit not the way T'Leigh demands it."

"Jess is about to start her KDF training second semester," replied James as he knew that T'leigh would see that as a challenge but would understand as a Mother herself, He continued "and as for family, she will do everything and anything to protect Fae nor will she step on your toes," as he looked back at her.

Ellie nodded."That's good to hear. I will as be as respectful as I am expected to be I just hope she'll be willing to give me a chance this time."

"But if we host a diplomatic function, T'Leigh will have assign Fae her own bodyguard and that officer will protect fae with his/her life," replied James as he knew that as head of house, T'Leigh would make damn sure that Fae was safe. he finished,"Is that ok with you?" as he looked back at Ellie.

"I....guess so." Ellie nodded. "To be honest all this is scaring me now. Just how much danger are we likely to be in?" she sighed. "I trust you to protect us."

"I will not let anyone harm you or anyone else on this ship," replied James as he looked back at Ellie "and the house is not high up on the threat level although we do have a seat on the high council," he continued as he knew things were different now.

"I guess we could spend all night talking about this" she offered a warm smile as she moved closer to him "I don't suppose you'd stay if I asked you to...would you?" She leaned forward and gave him a gentle yet romantic kiss. "I'm sure Fae would be thrilled to wake up in the morning and find you here for breakfast."

"Can we take this slow," replied James as he continued," as we have only just met again this morning," as he knew that she would understand not rushing into anything, "And it is also for Fae, so that she can get to know me more," as he didn't want anymore surprise questions again.

"It's fine" Ellie nodded. "I'm sorry, I've missed you James."

"I know you have, you have had to bring Fae up on your own," replied James looking back at her, He continued, " I have an Idea," looking at her with a grin on his face. "How would you and Fae like to have breakfast in the Captain's Cabin?" He asked as he knew that Chef would not mind an extra couple of meals.

"We'd love to!" Ellie grinned. "That's a treat that Fae will love."

"well, I'd better get some sleep before we leave tomorrow, replied James as he continued "and don't forget we have to sort out the child care for Fae," as he rose from his chair as he leaned into her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Excellant we'll see you then" Ellie smiled as she gave him a simple friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Good night Ellie and don't tell Fae where she is going," replied James as he wanted it to be a surprise for her as he turned and headed out of the door, he thought to himself oO I'm a father Oo as he imagined what his own father would have said as he headed back towards his own quarters.



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