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Morning comes, alarm or not.

Posted on Thu Jun 13th, 2019 @ 1:52am by Captain Mr'isarr & Ensign Harlow Launceston

Mission: Off duty Postings
Location: Personal Quarters

At some point Harlow started becoming aware of reality pervading her dreams, except things were different somehow. The smells, the sounds, the feels. She could feel the weight of arms around her, softly furred arms holding her, warm breath against her skin, a gentle reverberation that was almost like purring.

She opened her eyes, turning slightly in his arms so she could nestle in against his chest, smiling contentedly, one of her hands moving to rest on his chest next to her head as she closed her eyes again, listening to the sound of his heart, content to just stay where she was for the moment.

There was always a risk in sharing a bed, even innocently with him, his weight. There was no hiding his size much akin to hiding what he appeared to be and over 500lbs in weight that was a risk to most. Even though he wore typical two piece sleeping attire it was more a vest and pants in type. Low at the front baring most of his chest, the pants loose by free to permit shifts in position as he slept. He had no doubt that during the night a stray arm landed on, hit or woke Harlow which could explain why she was within his embrace even now as he slept.

Harlow stayed where she was for a long moment, her hand moving in slow circles over his chest, occasionally dipping under the fabric of his vest as he slept. She listened to the rhythmic motion of his breathing and sighed softly.

Perhaps the first hint that Harlow was about to experience this risk was his leg draped over her, gradually more of his weight was applied to her side closest to him.

With the weight of him against her, she wriggled slightly, inching out from under him, contemplating whether or not she should wake him or whether she should just slip out of the bed and leave him sleeping. The last thing she wanted was to disturb him in any way, but she also didn't want to be in his way.

She shift was noticable which caused him to stir. A stretch resulting in several cracking bones in protest of his movement after a long and restful sleep, he yawned with mouth open wide and every sharp and potentially deadly tooth on display, even his claws flexed slightly as he slowly began to rouse to the waking world.

"Good morning," she murmured softly, smiling as he started to wake. "I didn't disturb you did I?"

Opening his eyes and looking down he saw Harlow, within his embrace and looking up at him. It would explain the extra warmth he felt as he woke if she was held close. "Good Morning." The realization that having slept this close to her it would have served the purpose of bonding well, however it was morning now and action was required in the form of breakfast. "Not at all." He answered. "Would you like breakfast?"

Shifting in his arms, she extricated one of her hands, reaching up and running her fingertips along the side of his face before reching up and brushing her lips softly over his. "Breakfast sounds amazing," she said as she pulled away slightly, resting her head back on his arm, her purple hair splaying out around her head, a stark contrast against the white of his fur.

The demand for breakfast made, slowly he freed his arm mindful not to pull on her hair and slipped out of bed. Behind him his tail more lively from its many hours of stillness or moment it was rolled onto. The further he got from the bedroom the softer his voice became as the translator couldn't pick up what was being said, in turn he was speaking Caitian to the Computer as he ordered the components for Breakfast through feline purr's and sounds.

As he walked away, Harlow turned onto her side, pulling the covers back up over her and watching his retreating form before closing her eyes, a soft sigh escaping her lips He was confusing, that much was certain. She had no idea what was going through his head in any way and he was incredibly tight lipped and silent, giving absolutely nothing away. She pulled the covers in tighter. His bed smelled like him. It was warm and comforting, much as she found him. With another sigh, she made the decision to just wait in bed until he wanted her to join him.

Having asked the computer for suggestions, it created for him something that was typical of Human breakfast ideas. Sausage, Bacon and Egg with Toast and Orange juice. Then came a tray to serve it on with legs so that she might enjoy the meal in bed without having to get out of it. All the while he was talking to himself, in Caitian as he laid out, prepared and plated the meal. Poured the beverage and placed that on the tray with everything else and the final touch... cutlery. He appeared in the doorway armed with his preparations. "Ready?" He spoke, the translator close enough now to pick up when was being said.

The smell of food was the first thing that caught her attention, causing her to open her eyes, smiling at him as she saw him standing in the doorway. Sitting up quickly, she brushed her hair back from her face and tucked it behind her ear. "It smells amazing! Sorry, I was being lazy, and it was warm and comfortable here... but I could have come to the table," she said softly. "You don't have to wait on me."

"It's alright." He spoke as he stepped to her side of the bed waiting till she was set and placed the tray across her lap upon its legs. "It does however remind me to seek help from Engineering when we arrive at the Churchill, standard beds seldom last long under my weight and should you wish a much larger one to share."

Taking a sip of her orange juice first, Harlow smiled as she looked across at him, picking up a piece of bacon with her fingers and tearing a small piece off. "I would like to be able to share," she said quietly. "I mean... If you decide you want me for your mate, I'd like to actually be able to spend more time with you, like this," she said quietly, motioning to the bed around her.

"One moment." It was but a moment before he returned himself with something to eat though it was not what Harlow was enjoying. Meat sticks with sauces, light and easy for a morning meal. "Remember it is not I that decides..." He tapped his temple, hinting at his mind. "I admit to some fear that my size would pose a problem to you last night."

Harlow sighed softly as she looked across at him, her expression looking almost like she was going to say something. Instead, she picked up the piece of toast and nibbled on the corner. "Well 'some' can just mind their own business," she said determinedly.

One by one the meat sticks were eaten. He'd have to brush his teeth afterwards but that was a small ordeal. "How is it?" He spoke holding the empty plate of his in his hand, hoping that it was acceptable for a morning meal.

She smiled. "It's wonderful," she said softly. "One of my favourite breakfasts, you know, second to chocolate," she said with a laugh before she continued eating. "What do you have planned for today?" she asked between bites.

"I was thinking of going to the Gym, my fitness routine is rather strict when I am able. Caitians need to monitor physical health more so than most because of what we are vs what we are capable of doing." He answered, he ducked off for a moment to put his plate back into the kitchen area before returning and sitting on the end of the best careful not to tilt her tray and spill her drink.

"Sorry, I eat slowly," she said with a nervous laugh as she watched him sit again. "Maybe if you don't have plans, we could have dinner tonight?" she asked hopefully, not wanting to disturb his day.

"I would be honoured." He answered with a smile. "I do not have much planned for my day beyond the Gym."

"After last night I'm not sure I really want to go down into the promenade or anywhere else so I think I plan to just spend the day in my quarters. I'll indulge myself with a big mug of hot chocolate, the lights down, the temperature as cold as I can get it and a nice warm blanket," she said with a smile. "Besides, I still have reading to do. But you're welcome to join me when you're done if you want, I'll be there all day."




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