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Just one drink - what's the worst that could happen?

Posted on Thu Jun 13th, 2019 @ 1:48am by Captain Mr'isarr & Ensign Harlow Launceston

Mission: Off duty Postings
Location: Starbase 51

The day had been long and incredibly boring, spent mostly in her quarters reading, but now, with a plan to meet Mr'isarr for a drink in the lounge, Harlow was glad to be escaping for a while.

She ordered a drink from the bar and carried it across to an empty table in the furtherest corner of the lounge, one next to a large view port so she could at least enjoy the view.

She had only been sitting for maybe five minutes when someone sidled into the seat next to her, leaning on the table toward her. Harlow offered a polite smile. "Sorry," she said quietly. "I'm waiting for someone."

"Aren't we all." He replied, a smile on his face as he gave Harlow a look over with her vibrant purple hair. "Sure don't see you come here often, I'd remember you with hair like that."

Reaching up, Harlow instinctively pulled her hair over her shoulder and away from him. "I'm new," she replied quietly, not looking at him, fixing her gaze on the glass in front of her. "Honestly, I'm waiting for someone, he'll be here soon."

"Can't I enjoy the company of a fellow crewmember while you wait?" He could see Harlow was the maybe just being shy.

"I... I guess..." she murmured softly, shrinking toward the bulkhead. "Maybe you could sit on the other side of the table and we can talk?"

It was not long after that Mr'isarr walked into lounge. It was not hard to pick out Harlow, her hair did make her stand out. What also stood out was the male that seemed by Harlow's body language, leaning away from him somewhat and apparently trying to ignore him that really caught Mr'isarr's attention. Having entered from the other door, Harlow would see him approach from behind the apparently troublesome male.

He leaned in closer to her, resting an arm around her shoulders as he tried to talk to her. Harlow pulled away futher, her eyes widening slightly as she looked at him, her already pale skin paling even further. "I said I was waiting for someone," she said quietly. "I'm waiting for my... my... my boyfriend."

With a determined smile he leaned toward her as though he was going to whisper something into her ear.

"Excuse me." Mr'isarr spoke watching the scene unfold before him as he came to a stop behind him, the mans back to him, clear to see that Harlow was uneased by the ordeal. His voice without a doubt know by Harlow and a measure, if only little, of reassurance that the unpleasantness of the situation was about to be put to an end.

The sound of the familiar voice brought a sense of relief washing over her. "Mr'isarr," Harlow turned in her chair, looking up at him, the expression on her face nothing short of gratefulness. "I was waiting for you," she said pointedly.

Placing a hand on the mans shoulder with his claws pressing into the mans shoulder he pulled him gently away from Harlow. "If the lady is waiting for someone, you should respect that." He leaned down placing his head beside the mans showing him what Mr'isarr was. A towering feline. He pressed his claws into the mans uniform just enough to make a presence known, his position clear. " mine. Touch her again and it will be...unfortunate for you." He growled to really drive that point home knowing Harlow had just heard every word he said. "I hope, for your sake I have made myself clear on the matter....agreed?"

The man pulled away from Harlow, holding his hands up as he moved/was assisted from the seat he had chosen to occupy. "We were just having a chat, that's all," he said as he cast a glance over Mr'isarr, before looking over the tiny form of Harlow and then back to the impressively large Caitian. "Yes Sir," was the only thing that was said before he retreated hastily.

Harlow watched as he left before she closed her eyes for a moment, taking a slow, deep breath. "Thank you," she finally murmured softly, looking up at Mr'isarr.

"Shall we?" Obviously suggesting that enough excitement has transpired so far and that perhaps leaving for his quarters would be more suited to relax within. His hand out towards her, claws nowhere to be seen, once again his mostly gentle appearance.

Harlow slid out of the seat, her hand in his, leaning in to instinctively hug him, not caring who saw. With her hand still firmly in his, she remained close as they walked out of the lounge.

He also noticed, as that male had done others looking at the vastly differing size differences between himself and Harlow. She was very small compared to him but he cared not what others thought, only her. "I hope I was not out of line with my words."

She smiled as she looked up at him and gave a quick shake of her head. "You said I was yours..." she said softly. "Did you mean it?"

"I did." He spoke. "You said you wished to become my Mate, unless you feel what I said was too much?" He looked down at her as they walked, hand in hand.

"No, not too much," Harlow smiled again, squeezing his hand gently as the walked. "I liked the way it sounded coming from you."

"You seem to enjoy how things I saw sound." Given that much of what he said held behind it a strong feline undertone to it thanks in part to the UT in the badge.

"I like a lot of things about you," she said with a smile as they arrived at his quarters. "Thank you again, for rescuing me," she said quietly.

"You are welcome." He spoke as they arrived at his Quarters. "Did you know him?"

Harlow shook her head. "I don't know who he was. He just showed up...." her voice trailled off as they walked into his quarters. "He just showed up and sat down next to me and started talking." Turning into him, she put her arms around him again, resting her head against his body and closing her eyes. "I was glad when you came."

One arm around, the other placing his hand upon her purple hair he held her. "I could see that you were uncomfortable." He was glad to have arrived when he did. "Would you like something to eat, or drink?"

She didn't reply straight away, opting instead to stay where she was, his arm around her, his hand on her head, enjoying the comfort that came from his touch. "Just a water," she murmured softly, making no effort to pull away.

"Would you wish, if you liked. To stay here tonight?" He offered, not requesting. Once again slipping into his own ways by offering where he was forbidden to demand or request of a female that which was outside what his ways permitted. Even though he requested something with her scent upon it, his ways permitted that on the grounds it fulfilled a custom or way important to Caitians.

"I would like that," Harlow said quietly, finally pulling away and looking up at him. "I would like that very much." She reached up, brushing her hair back behind her ear. "Are you sure? I don't want to make you uncomfortable."

"I am afraid I do not have anything suitable for you to wear, though I am confident the replicator can fashion something." He answered as she pulled back. "As I mentioned before, proximity, touch and scent are important." Then came the uneasy bit. "Perhaps changing would be ideal, I can smell his scent on you." It was obvious that to him it was not only undesirable, but most unwanted.

"May I use your bathroom?" Harlow asked quietly. "It might be best if I shower." Using the replicator, she replicated herself a suitable change of clothing, a toothbrush and some of her soap, carrying them to the bathroom.

She emerged a short time later, freshly showered, hair washed, and dressed in a simple white night dress. She ran her fingers through her still slightly damp hair as she looked across at him, padding barefoot across his quarters. "Better?" she asked with a soft smile.

He'd just placed a glass of water on the counter for her as she exited the Bedroom. "Indeed." He spoke. "I apologize for that, the scents of others can lead to complications. Even when Mated, should you hold the scents of others upon you it can have a detrimental effect on me."

"Then I guess it's a good thing I like taking showers," she said as she put her arms around him again, resting her head against his body again. "But you don't need to ever apologize to me, not for anything." She sighed softly, closing her eyes momentarily.

One of the things that perhaps Harlow would have to learn especially now, was his tail. Even as it swept back and forth behind him, it would sometimes tough her legs, brush or swipe against them, coil about one or perhaps tap a little high on the thigh. This was one such instance as she hugged him but he hoped it caused no offence.

The feel of his tail brushing against her upper thigh was surprising, but not unwelcome. She pulled away from him just enough to be able to look up at his face, but not so far as to break contact completely. "What shall we do until bed time?" she asked with a smile. "Not that I'm not enjoying this, I am, very much so."

"If you wish, you may have my bed. I can sleep on the sofa I do not mind." Yet again, his ways showing through by not presuming to share the bed, but to offer it instead.

"I... I'd rather sleep with you, if that's okay?" Harlow asked softly.

"As you wish." Now that she had decided, it eased his mind. "What would you like to do in the meantime?"

"We could sit and talk?" she asked quietly. "Or we could watch the stars? Or... or we could just go to bed now..."

"How have you found the book so far?" He asked knowing there was a lot of information to take in, and reading it more than once or slowly would only serve to help.

"I've read it through once," she said as she picked up her glass of water and took a sip. "I'm rereading it again now, but it's informative."

"You should probably inform the Chief Medical Officer that her services will be required to treat the wound I leave on your shoulder, but the scars must remain." He spoke as he walked her to the sofa, facing the stars just like on the lay over starbase.

"I can treat it myself," Harlow replied quietly. "I think I know how to do it, it will be okay." She smiled as she sank down onto the sofa next to him, resting her head against his arm. "I'll do everything I need to do, don't worry."

Sitting and subsequently getting comfortable he looked out to the stars. He wondered what the future would hold for him, how his parents were take to a Non Caitian partner, how his Overseer would take the news as well considering the luxury he could of had if he had not left the Homeworld.

"Are you alright?" she asked quietly, her voice filled with concern. "You're very quiet, what are you thinking about?"

"I am." Answering if he was alright. "I guess I was thinking about the encounter earlier in the Lounge. That male that you were seated with, when I saw what he was doing it angered me, I had to hold myself from harming him even though on my world if he did that the female would kill him, or instruct me to. I was angry that another had touched you but it was a first time this happened and Im not sure how to come to terms with it."

"I'm sorry if I unintentionally put you in a difficult positon," Harlow replied quietly. "I didn't ask him to sit with me and I didn't want him to sit with me. I told him I was waiting for you." Leaning forward she set her glass on the coffee table and turned toward him. "Mr'isarr, I... I think you should know something," she said quietly. "I've never been with anyone else, and I don't ever want to be with anyone else. When I said I wanted you to take me for your mate I made a commitment to you."

"Im afraid my understanding of Human relationships is limited, been with anyone else?" There was that apparent look of confusion on his features as he tried to think about what she'd said. He knew she didn't welcome that male, nor desired his presence and that through his own actions perhaps Harlow saw a side of him that he'd hoped not to.

She drew a deep breath, colour staining her cheeks as she reached up and tucked her hair back behind her ear again. "I mean being intimate... sex... I've not been with anyone else, you will be my first, and my only."

He sat as understanding swept through him, now he got what she meant. Silence lingered for a moment. "Perhaps we can seek help or advice considering our species differences, for ease, comfort." Once again putting her wellbeing first.

"If you feel that's necessary," Harlow said quietly. "I just wanted you to know that is all."

"I am just thinking of your comfort." There was no hidden surprise when it came to the very obvious differences in size from Harlow and himself.

Harlow leaned into him again, pulling his arm around her, resting her head against his body. "You are very kind." she said with a smile.


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