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[USS Churchill]S1 Ep1-Reporting for Duty

Posted on Tue Dec 4th, 2018 @ 8:39am by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:11pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD003 -11:00 hrs 19/04/2392

Having left Fae in the ship's crèche Ellie made her way to Deck 1 and the Commander's ready room. She had to admit she had butterflies in her stomach at seeing James again especially as he had no idea about Fae. Arriving at the ready room she pressed the chime and waited for an answer.

"Come," replied James as he rose from his chair to stretch his legs as he had been sitting down doing his paper work, things had been going rather smoothly for him today, after all he had met his Executive officer and his chief Security officer, he wondered who this was as he stood next to the replication unit to order another mug of coffee.

Taking a deep breath Ellie walked inside and placed the PADD she was carrying on James' desk. "Lieutenant Ellie Kees reporting for duty Commander." She smiled warmly as she looked at him.

James turned round to see a face that he hadn't seen in a long time, but he had to be professional at this moment in time, He said," Welcome Lieutenant to the USS Churchill," as he remembered her favorite drink and tapped it in, he continued," May I have your transfer orders please?" as he walked back towards his desk as he hoped that the replicator could make the ordered drinks. as he looked back at her all he wanted to do was take her in his arms and kiss her, but that was not what he was supposed to do.

"My orders Sir" She reached for the PADD on his desk handing it to him. She couldn't help but smile as his hand touched hers briefly as she passed over the PADD. "I'm assigned as Chief Counsellor and I'm also backup for the Diplomatic department if I'm needed." Ellie stood for a moment as he read her transfer orders. "Permission to speak freely Sir?"

"So I see," replied James as he picked up her PADD and tapped his thumbprint to it, He continued, "Always Counselor, I value your advice, so speak," as the replication unit finished its work. he turned to face the unit and moved to get the drinks.

She took a deep breath,. "Sir, I'm not alone aboard ship, I'm here with my daughter....OUR daughter...Fae." She stood looking at him waiting to see what he'd say.

James spun around and looked back at her and said," Excuse me... what did you just say?" as he knew that it had been about five years since he had seen her and this was the first time that hey had spoken, The last time he had seen her was when he had been on his R & R after he had burnt himself out, But a daughter, he thought oO Why wasn't I told about this, Oo as he looked back at her oO and does she not know that My brother is head of a Klingon House? Oo as he continued in thought.

"I said that we....have a daughter James." She looked at him her eyes meeting his. "Last time we met, when we...made love, two months later when I was out on the rim I found out I was pregnant. I tried to contact you! I sent messages." She stopped talking and looked at him.

"That's what I thought you said Ellie," replied James as he looked back at her, He continued," I do hope that you remember that My Brother Eric is head of a Klingon house," as he knew that Elie had refused to join the house, but now with his daughter she would have no choice in the matter. as he now did't have to ask her that question again. as he picked up the drinks and brought them over, He asked "So how is she?" as he handed her the drink, He finished "and when can I meet her?"

Ellie smiled. "She's fine. You can meet her whenever you like." She breathed a sigh of relief. "I've never lied to her about who her father is, I've always been completely honest when she's asked about her father." She took a seat infront of his desk. "The pregnancy wasn't easy, I had complications throughout but the Doctor aboard ship was amazing! I've only really recovered this last year, I took a year off to recharge my batteries and spend proper family time with Fae."

"I do have one question," replied James looking back at Her "why didn't you call me?" as he looked back at her as he took his seat, he waved her to the seat opposite seat, "If I had, I'd of gone back to Starfleet sooner," as he laid back into the chair. as he knew that for the past five years he had been sitting at home relaxing and enjoying every minute without thinking of the status of a ship, but now he had the Churchill and his daughter was one of those he had to protect.

"Up until the past year I've been out on the Rim. I tried sending messages but I never heard anything back from you." She relaxed into her seat. "I wasn't sure you wanted to know her or me especially after all this time." She offered an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry I should have tried calling."

"Well , why didn't you contact Eric as he would have passed the message on," replied James as he looked back at her, "as you know that now your a member of a Klingon house," as he hoped that she would have remembered to call T'leigh and Eric about this news.

"I never bothered..." She sighed. "I thought perhaps you didn't want us Janes, so why bother contacting your brother? Besides its not as if we're together. Yes Fae is your daughter but would a Klingon house accept a Trill/Betazoid woman let alone a Human/Betazoid/Trill hybrid?"

"Didn't you know that Eric and T'legh had already welcomed you into the house, or did you not get the diplomatic package," replied James as he knew that Eric would have made sure it had been sent, he continued "with the Hawk and Hammer on," as Eric had made that the new crest.

"No I...I didn't know that." Ellie frowned. "But why? were you planning on us....being together?"

"Well, Eric did say to T'legh that she never gave you a chance," replied James looking back at her, he continued with a smirk," and now that she is an auntie, I can not wait to see her face," as he picked up the mug of the coffee and took a sip, He finished " The thing she told me last time I spoke to her was be happy,"

“So are you thinking of being happy with us?” Ellie couldn’t help but smile as she looked at James. “I wasn’t sure whether you’d be happy or angry that you had a child you knew nothing about.” She looked at him her eyes meeting his. “I wasn’t sure if you’d even still be interested in a relationship.”

" We have a Daughter Ellie and I will not leave you to bring her up," replied James as he looked back at her, " I wil not bring dishonor to my house by not doing this," as he looked back at her once more, he finished, "but let me have some time to get to know Fae," as he took a sip of his coffee once more.

"Of course" Ellie smiled warmly. "Would you like to come round for dinner tonight? It would give you chance to meet her."

"That I would Ellie," replied James as he looked back at her, He continued," What time do you want me to be there?" as he knew that it was better to know what time to show up rather than just turning up. as he leaned back into his seat, He thought oO I have a daughter,Oo as he could not belive that for the last 5 years he had missed so much.

“About 7?” Ellie smiled warmly. “I like to get Fae off to bed by 9 but if she needs a little later night it can be arranged. She knows what you look like, I showed her your picture but she doesn’t know you’re aboard ship yet.”

"I see," replied James looking back at her, He continued," I'd better not keep you Counselor and I'll see you at 7," as he knew that she would have to finish her shift and then pick Fae up from the creche, but he knew that this was now going to be interesting to say the least.

“Yes Sir” Ellie stood ready to leave. “It’s been nice seeing you again. I’ll see you tonight.” With that she headed on her way, she had an office to sort and an evening’s meal to organise.



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