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Medical comes calling

Posted on Wed Jun 5th, 2019 @ 11:58pm by Lieutenant JG Paisley Abraham & Commander James Stewart

Mission: The Enemy within
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: MD1, 11:00 Hrs#1

James sat in his ready room still slightly miffed at the way that the Doctor had made assumptions about his fitness for command in front of his other members of the senior Staff, after all the CMO had a point about Ellie, but what with the freighter now sitting in front of them, they needed Ellies telepathic abilities as she was part Betazoid. He tapped his commbadge and said, =/\=Doctor Abraham, Please report to my ready room, =/\=

Paisley had been sitting in her office since she had stormed out of the senior staff meeting. In all honesty she had expected this summons to come, she was just surprised it had taken so long. Without bothering to respond to his demand, she stood up from her desk and picked up her jacket from the back of her chair, shrugging into it and zipping it slowly. Making sure Harlow was right in Sickbay, Paisley cleared her next few appointments and transferred them to other doctors, making it clear that anyone could reschedule if they wished, then made her way through the ship to the Captain's Ready Room.

She hit the chime and waited a few moments before she was granted access, stepping through the open doors to stand in front of his desk, her hands firmly clasped behind her back, her face almost completely devoid of any kind of emotion. "You demanded my presence Captain?" she asked coolly.

"Doctor, Please sit," as he waved his hand to the unoccupied seat in front of him, he continued, "Drink?" as he rose from his chair and walked accross to his replicator as he wanted to ease the tension with in the room, He finished, " I asked you here to discuss your actions in the staff meeting," as he tapped in his order for his drink.

"No thank you," Paisley said quietly, declining the offer of the drink, though she did take a seat on the edge of the chair, folding her hands neatly in her lap. "Though I think perhaps your actions would be the more relevant discussion item here Captain," she said quietly. "I'm not the one who's personal involvement is clouding my decision making abilities and putting the rest of the crew at risk. I will NOT apologise for my actions and I will continue to stand by them."

"My Judgement," replied James looking back at his Chief medical officer, he continued, " if you are referring to Lieutenant Kees who by the way is the mother of my child," as the replicator started to hum, he finished" and who's father had not even seen her since after she had been born," as he looked back at his CMO.

"Your personal involvement with Lieutenant Kees has compromised your judgement on security matters pertaining to her and her... situation." Paisley replied quietly.

"Did you know that her own mother had her altered to look more human?" replied James as his replication unit continued to hum, " for all we know is that her father restored her to what mother nature intended which is her Romulan looks," he stated, looking back at her again, he finished, " question, How would you be if you had just met your father for the first time?"

"Captain, you are completely missing the point. The simple reality is that she is a security risk. She was abducted by the Romulans. She was altered, in a way that we are unable to completely ascertain at the drop of a hat. She IS a security risk to this crew. She should NOT be on active duty. This was made clear to you by several of your senior staff and you chose to complete ignore the security risks and return her to duty. So, without bringing personal emotions into it, it is quite simple. I don't care how if it is the first time she has met her father or the fiftieth. I don't care if she's your lover or the mother of her child. She is, until declared otherwise, a security risk to EVERYONE else on this ship. If you continue to dismiss the risks to the crew, I will have no alternative but to assume that you are medically unfit for command because your personal involvement in the situation has impaired your judgement." Paisley maintained a level gaze on him, her voice cool as she spoke, but it was clear she was not going to back down from her position.

"we know she has been altered physically," replied James, as he looked back at Doctor Abraham, he asked her, " do you know for sure if she has been altered mentally?" asked James posing the question, as he wanted all the information before he had made his final judgement.

"Do you know for sure that she isn't?" Paisley countered easily. "I did a basic medical scan when she came back to ensure there were no obvious physical injuries. Anything beyond that will require much more extensive and potentially invasive testing and the involvement of Security at the very least. But until she has been cleared and is determined to not be a security risk, she should NOT be returned to active duty. Even then I would insist on clearance from Starfleet Command before clearing her for duty anyway. Starfleet has a long standing history with the Romulans. This is not a situation that should be taken lightly by anyone, least of all you Captain given you're responsible for the lives of every single person on this ship."

"Don't you think I know that," replied James as he looked back at the Doctor, He continued," Admrail Jensen is aware of the situation and I will pass on your reservations," as the replicator stopping its low hum and revealed the cold liquid. He continued," For the time being Doctor, would Light duties be ok for her?" so she wasn't sitting in her quarters bored stiff.

"Until she is cleared then she shouldn't be anywhere near any of the crew or any vital ships systems." Paisley replied quietly.

"Very well Doctor, I will speak with Lieutenant Kees later tonight," replied James as he took a sip of the cold liquid that the glass held, "But, I stress this Doctor that she is now as she would have looked like as she was supposed to have if her mom had not had her altered," he concluded "and I do not want anyone making rash judgements about her loyalty to this ship," as he took another sip of the drink.

Standing up, Paisley cast a disparaging glance at her Commanding Officer. "Lieutenant Kees should be grateful that there are some on this crew trying to do the correct thing," she cautioned quietly. "The Romulans have proven time and again that they will resort to any necessary means to achieve their goals. If they have done something to her, altered her mind or set some kind of trigger in her, she could very well have the blood of every person on this ship on her hands. For her sake, I hope the alterations they have made to her are physical only, because no matter what she's the person that doesn't win here. My intent is only to keep the casualties to a minimum, and if that means upsetting one person but potentially keeping everyone else safe, I'll take my chances at being unliked."


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