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The most important meal of the day

Posted on Sat May 25th, 2019 @ 10:53pm by Captain Mr'isarr & Ensign Harlow Launceston

Mission: Off duty Postings
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Backpost

Mr'isarr had not long been out of the shower, now dried and having tamed his fur into some sort of order he pulled on a comfortable set of loose fitting pants for freedom of movement. A vest lay at the end of the bed as he considered what he would have for breakfast that was, for once, not something small and fast to suit the marine lifestyle. He thought much about the night prior spent with Harlow, a pleasant young lady and a pleasure to share the evening with under the stars talking about a variety of topics. He could tell she was interested in his culture by the questions she was asking and then the probing ones that he'd detected that followed. While he was not afraid to answer such questions, he wondered even still if by being seen outside her door at such an hour that the gossip machine on board the station would engage its cogs.

Harlow had been awake for hours. She'd already gotten up, gone for a walk around the station and then returned to her quarters, now freshly showered and dressed for the day, she found herself lost as to what it was she should do to occupy her time. Over and over, her thoughts had kept returning to Mr'isarr. After he had left last night she had spent some time reading more about his people and his home. She felt drawn to him. No matter how much she told herself it was probably a bad idea, especially given everything he had said to her last night, she wanted to see him again.

Leaning against the bulkhead and staring out at the stars through the same view ports they had looked out of last night together, she decided to see if he would like to share breakfast with her.

She walked into the bedroom and checked her appearance over in the mirror. Her dress, very similar to the previous evening, complimented her figure beautifully, the black of the fabric a startling contrast to the paleness of her skin. Today, instead of wearing the gold chain, she wore a black lace choker with a small gold star hanging at the center of her throat. Tucking her long purple hair back behind her ear, she slipped black sandals onto her feet and walked out of her quarters, making her way through the station to his.

It wasn't a great amount of time later she stood outside his door, suddenly unsure if he would even want to see her. Taking a deep breath and steeling herself for the possibility that he would send her away, she smiled nervously as she reached out and pressed the chime.

Hearing the chime he walked to the door, he'd only just picked up the vest he intended to wear since it would be at least another day or two before they were set to leave the station for the Churchill. Throwing the vest on he walked to the door and pressed the button to open it. He was surprised to see Harlow there standing outside his door. "Harlow." He bowed, customary as always before standing upright again. "I'm honoured, please." Stepping aside to grant her entry he stood with a pleasant smile on his face.

"Thank you," she said quietly, stepping passed him and into his quarters. There was something about the way her name sounded when spoken by him that made her smile. "I wasn't sure if you would want to see me today or not... but..." She took a deep breath and looked up at him. "I thought maybe if you didn't have other plans we could share breakfast? If you're busy though or if you have plans with others, that's okay, you don't have to..." her final words almost jumbled together in a nervous mess spoken far too quickly.

"I'd be honoured. I have yet to eat myself yet." The doors closed behind Harlow as she entered, it was at this moment that he pondered if he should change since his current attire left much of his torso bare. He hoped such a visual would not be disturbing to her, hoping that if it were then she would request he change.

Harlow exhaled slowly, a sigh of relief that she hadn't been sent away. "Thank you," she said quietly. "I took a walk through some of the common areas of the station earlier, it was so busy. I guess it was the morning rush before the first shift started." As she turned toward him, she took a moment to truly look him over now that she wasn't feeling quite so desperately nervous. His dress, although seemingly comfortable, definitely left a lot for her to look at and admire. His body was incredibly well defined, every contour displaying strength and power. She found herself suddenly struck by the urge to trace her fingertips slowly down his chest, admiring the way she expected he would feel under her touch. Instead, she clasped her hands firmly behind her back as a hint of colour stained her cheeks. "It might be quieter now if you wanted to go down there... or we could stay here... I don't mind, what ever you want to do."

"If it pleases you, we can eat here. I can make breakfast should you so wish it?" He offered noticing the look, his keen eyesight sharp enough to do so. Though he wondered if his own looks at her would be noticed in return. He was not sure if her choices in attire were set to suit what Caitians look at in terms of outfits or if it was simply something that suited her at the time for the day with little to do while they waited. "What may I make for you?" He asked, awaiting patiently for an answer.

"I think that sounds perfect," Harlow said with a soft smile, silently glad that he had decided to remain here. "I'll have what ever you're making for yourself, I don't mind." She unclasped her hands and smoothed the sides of her dress, something that over many years had become a nervous habit. "Can I do something to help?"

"Please, make yourself comfortable." It was his turn to host a guest. "I had planned to make a fish slice dish, but if you would prefer something else, I can make that instead?" He asked as she walked to the Kitchen where the replicator was. "May I also offer a drink?" Again with the subservient aspect to his ways showing through with her being present.

"No, I will have what ever you're having, I don't need any special treatment. And just water will be fine, thank you," she said as she followed him to the kitchen. "Do you have anything planned for the rest of the day?" she asked as she sank slowly down into one of the chairs at the table.

A glass of water gathered, a bowl of ice if desired he began to gather the ingredients for breakfast which included several brick like cuts of fish which for him were normal size however for Harlow, not so much. There were 12 little pots about 2 inches wide and a similar size in height each containing a liquid. Each liquid had a different consistency and aroma to it. Two plates were placed upon a warmer since he disliked serving hot food onto a cold plate. "I have no plans. Yourself?" He asked in return.

Harlow picked up her glass of water as it was offered, murmuring her thanks before taking a sip. "I actually booked a holosuite earlier when I was down in the common area. You're welcome to join me if you would like?" she offered. "They seem to have a very interesting array of programs available, including a few from your homeworld."

There was some visible surprise that she would not only mention it, but take notice of it. "Really?" It was not often that he'd found programs of the Homeworld readily available. "I would be honoured, if you like the company."

"I would love your company," she said with a smile, deciding not to bother mentioning that she had deliberately looked for programs that might interest him just in case he had decided to join her. "There was one that looked nice, it seemed to be a garden of some kind, I thought maybe that could be a good program? Hopefully the garden scene and the fragrance of the flowers would mean my scent wont bother you..." her voice trailed off and she looked down at her water momentarily. "But there are other programs if one of those would be more to your tastes."

Unable to hide the amused chuckle he had to give her credit for trying at least. It was an acquired taste, one that he had already but he pushed over a small towel for her to wipe her eyes and lips with. "Credit where due, you tried it." With her mid recovery he opted to finish an entire slice whole, an easy feat for him given his size and his mouth but he was right when he said it was better hot.

"I'll try anything once," Harlow said, finishing with the towel and folding it neatly, setting it beside her on the table. "I'm not sure I'll try it again, but most of the other sauces are beautiful. Setting the cutlery down, she looked across at him, smiling. "Thank you," she said softly. "For allowing me to share your breakfast. The food is wonderful , as is the company."

He could only nod presently due to his mouth being full, it didn't take long for him to swallow and look at you. "I am honoured." He replied with a smile. "Can I interest you in some more?" Two more fish portions rested on a hot plate, the aroma of them filling the room pleasantly with the smell of good food.

"Of course," she said with a smile as she picked up her plate and handed it across to him, setting the cutlery aside on the table. "Is this the kind of meal you would normally eat for breakfast?" she asked curiously.

"Typically yes, filling yet light. The Caitian diet is strict in that we eat what we need but have to monitor fat content. The latter being a pride issue for I can not conduct my duties if I were overweight or out of shape." It was hard for most to view him as normal considering his substantial weight as it stood already.

"So I guess no bacon and eggs and pancakes or chocolate thickshakes for you at breakfast time then?" she asked teasingly as she accepted her plate back and picked up her cutlery again.

"I have heard Humans talk of such foods, I also know that they are not healthy and....fattening. I weigh similar to two or three grown males, I do not needed such foods helping me expand upon that." He joked with a smile as he speared a sliver of fish with a fork before eating it.

"Don't you ever do things just for fun?" Harlow asked. "Sometimes it's nice to just eat something because it tastes good. Except chocolate... there's no such thing as too much chocolate," she quipped.

"I am afraid what you might consider fun, or at least what we would as Caitians might not appear such to you. Our lives are determined by our Caste, by our codes and customs. For me it could be a gym routine, or a hunting program in the holodeck. For you, chocolate for example. As large as I am I have very little fat, though I understand my fur might enhance my size to present such an appearance." He answered.

Harlow shook her head slowly. "I really can't imagine chocolate being replaced by a gym routine or a hunting program, but I'll take your word for it," she said with a laugh. "What else do you do for fun?"

"I cook, as you know. In the past I used to grow flowers." He remembered back to his Academy days where his room was filled with flowers, resulting in him become the saviour of many a male for partners, but also the ladies seeking little gifts.

She smiled. "Really? Flowers? You are full of surprises," she said lightly as she cut into her fish, fork hovering over the bowls trying to decide which to use next. "Maybe when we get onto the Churchill you can grow flowers again?"

"I do have seeds in storage sitting transit to the ship though I fear l may arrive before they do with cargo transit as it is. " He replied as he watched her tackle the sauces again.

"Well I can't wait to see what you grow," Harlow said with a smile. "I'm sure they'll be beautiful..." She selected a sauce and popped the fish in her mouth, watching him as she chewed slowly.

Smiling he finished what was left on his plate. There were still other portions to be eaten so he moved his plate out of the way and slipped the heater plate between them. To share what was left if Harlow wished it.

Finishing what was on her plate, Harlow looked at the heater plate he had set between them, laughing softly. "Goodness, I think if I eat much more I'm going to need to take a nap before moving!" she said with a shake of her head. "But it is so delicious!"

"There is no compulsion to eat, just an offer." He spoke as he speared some fish flakes. "You ate well, more than l expected, l will take the compliment."

“I might be little but I have a big appetite,” Harlow replied with a grin. “Or, at least, I do when I want to, and with food this good how could I not? I’m just not sure I’ll be running marathons any time in the next few hours.”

"I shall endeavour to not make you grow from my cooking." He spoke as he wondered if hed overdone it with the quantities, or the sizes of them.

Harlow laughed and shook her head. "You don't need to worry, honestly, there is no danger of that, but it was extremely delicious. Next time I want a good meal I definitely know who to come to," she said smiling.
"Do you have an preferences to meals, I can see about recreating some of them should you wish it?" He asked as he continued to eat the brick of fish that he'd been slowly consuming whilst they shared the plate.

She shook her head in response. "I eat almost anything," she said with a smile. "As long as it isn't alive at the time..." she paused momentarily, as she took another small piece of the fish, swirling it in one of the sauces. "I'd love to try more foods from your homeworld if you want to share them with me?"

"There are typical Caitian dishes in most databases as reference, should you find one that you wish to try you need only inform me." It was a good thing he could cook, a trait trained into him in his youth.

"I will have a look," she replied. "I didn't get as far as cuisine when I was reading last night, I got caught up in history," she said with a slightly sheepish smile, not entirely sure how he would react to her statement.

Her reply betrayed her otherwise unspoken intent. "You have been reading about Caitian history?" He was mildly surprised, but welcomed that she deemed him worthy enough to provoke such an act in her.

Harlow drew a slow, deep breath. "Well, it wasn't just the history, I started reading about Cait in general, the planet, your people, customs, but I jumped to history and it was interesting so I kept reading. I... I hope you don't mind? I just wanted to know more after talking to you last night."

"I do not mind. I understand that to outsiders our ways can have a certain appeal, tranquility to them, grace." Which they did to a point. Cait had tried to avoid contact with outsiders in the past, Starfleet changed all that. Since that day few left the Homeworld and not through lack of trying to draw more Caitian's into the ranks of Starfleet. Culture and tradition excluded outsiders so when Starfleet appeared, new government departments were formed to handle interaction with outsiders and special training provided. Any visitors are escorted, where they can go is limited, who they can see is equally restricted.

"There are a lot of things about your ways that I find absolutely fascinating, and, I admit, somewhat confusing." She paused, watching him for a moment before she smiled. "I'll keep reading tonight, I still have a lot to go."

"Much of our ways to outsiders is vague, that is on purpose. In days of old out traditions were upheld with the strictest belief that through them we could reach a purity that would bring peace to all in a time where into clan rivalry was a dominant part of our lives. We have since evolved beyond the petty disputes and rivalries when the Pri'arch came, she brought peace to our world once more." He went on to explain a little about the Pri'arch, her cultural and significance to even modern day life on the Homeworld.

"Your people aren't very open to outsiders are they?" Harlow asked quietly. "I think that was one of the things I've noticed most, everything seems closed off. As you said, information available to outsiders is, at best, vague."

"We welcome, to a point. We view outsiders as an unwelcome influence, a threat to the generations of what we have built to make sure we do not reform to the old ways. The Ministry of Interspecies contact was created to prevent any pollution of our ways." He replied. "I had to go there for training when I was to leave the Homeworld, training in how to live along side other species, some customs, but most importantly how what I am and my abilities can influence others."

"It sounds..." she paused, thinking before speaking again. "It sounds strange, but I guess it's better that they prepare you somewhat than just throw you out into the galaxy I guess." Harlow sighed softly and shook her head. "I'll keep reading tonight." she finally said with a smile. "We have time before the Churchill arrives."

"Especially considering what I am, and what that visage brings to the minds of other races." He knew all too well some races respected the animalist nature of Caitians, others feared it. He knew he would never please all but he became a marine to put his natural born talents, coupled with Starfleet marine training, to peak practical use.

Harlow set her cutlery down again, leaning back in her chair as she looked across at him. The connotations behind the words 'especially considering what I am' didn't sit well with her at all . Having seen first hand the way others reacted to him, she understood it, but it didn't mean it was right and it annoyed her, a lot. "I'm sorry," she said softly.

"It is quite alright I assure you." He spoke after finishing the mouthful he was chewing. "You will have noticed my bowing to you, it was difficult for me earlier on, surrounded by females of all races, where some view our subservient nature as a weakness. Only when pressed into sparring with others, did that turn into respect."

"You don't need to be subservient to me," Harlow said softly. "I see you as my equal, not as someone lesser than me."

"Perhaps, but culture and tradition, demand it." Only in private would the bowing stop, behind the closed doors of home and only then to whom had claimed him. He understood that many view equality as a core foundation of life, but for Caitians that equality is only amongst the females.

"I know," she replied quietly. "I understand, but I'm just saying, you don't have to." She sighed softly and smiled as she looked across at him. "Well, we have a few hours until we can get into the holosuite, what do you want to do while we wait?" She asked, grimacing slightly as she realised after the fact that she had just assumed they would spend the time together. "If you have other stuff you want to do I can leave you be and you can meet me at the holodeck later?"

"Would you like to take a walk perhaps?" Like the night before he had not considered the impact of her being seen with him and what might be said about it but Harlow had mentioned that she held little care for gossip.

"I'd like that very much," she said with a smile. "I only made it a little way into the communal areas of the station earlier, there was so many people around and it was all so busy."

"If you will permit me, I will change into something more...suited to our walk." He could hardly go out in his current attire of pants and a sleeveless robe style top that was open at the front revealing more than perhaps most would want.

"Of course," Harlow smiled. "While you change I'll tidy the dishes. Seeing as how you cooked, that's the least I can do," she said as she stood up from her seat and started gathering up the plates on the table.

It took but a few brief moments for him to change into a two piece gold and green suit set with intricate and weaving embroidery. It was obvious that the piece was smartly made yet offered freedom of movement and air to prevent him overheating while wearing it. "I hope this is not too much?" He asked. "I can change if it is?" He knew some women could feel underdressed around him considering his size and attire would easily dwarf them.

Harlow smiled as she finished clearing the last of the dishes and turned back to him. "You look incredibly dashing," she said genuinely. "You don't need to change, you're exactly right just the way you are." Dusting her hands off on the towel before recycling it, she turned to face him, smoothing her dress again. "Well, shall we?" she asked brightly.

"Lets." His arm and hand towards the door to let her leave first with him behind.


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