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The returnee

Posted on Thu May 23rd, 2019 @ 5:41pm by Lieutenant Ellie Kees & Fae Kees-Stewart

Mission: Off duty Postings
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD 16- 18:00 hrs #6

Ellie had been transported straight back from her father's ship straight into Sickbay. Although she hadn't been aboard the Romulan vessel very long, it had been long enough to make her mind up that she wanted to explore the chance she'd been given to look how nature had intended her to look. The fact that she was wearing Romulan civilian attire hadn't been received very well either, not that she'd had any choice with her uniform destroyed.

She looked towards the doors as they opened and a very concerned yet excited five year old came barrelling through them, "Mummy!!!"

"Fae!!" Ellie hopped down off her biobed to greet her daughter, giving her a huge cuddle. "You have ears like me Mummy!" Fae smiled as she studied her mother for a moment.

"I do indeed" Ellie smiled warmly. "I look like you and I'm going to stay that way!" She hugged Fae. "I didn't get much chance to get to know your grandad but perhaps we'll get chance to see him again sometime. I just don't know when. How's about we head home?"

She took Fae's hand but found herself her exit from Sickbay refused by the security detail on the door. "Sorry Lieutenant, our orders are you're to stay in Sickbay pending a full medical examination and clearance from the doctor and Commander Stewart."

"So what? I'm a security risk now!?" She sighed. "Fine!" She looked apologetically at Fae. "How's about we go sit down and you can tell me what you've been doing in school."

"Wouldn't you like to change first mummy?" Fae looked at her mother curiously.

"!" Ellie shook her head. "If I'm a security risk then I might as well look like one!" She offered Fae a smile before walking over to a biobed and taking a seat.

Joining her mother on the biobed Fae pulled out a PADD that she had in her jacket pocket, holding it up for Ellie to see what she'd been working on. Smiling Ellie sat going through the PADD at least she was getting some quality time with her daughter. For now all she could do was wait.



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