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First briefing

Posted on Wed Jun 5th, 2019 @ 11:46pm by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather & Lieutenant Ellie Kees & Captain Mr'isarr & Lieutenant JG William Rogers & Lieutenant JG Katana Rochelle & Lieutenant JG Ashley Tankson & Lieutenant JG Paisley Abraham

Mission: The Enemy within
Location: Conference room- USS Curchill
Timeline: MD 01- 09:00#0


A Few days after Lieutenant Kees's father's ship had gone to warp and left, The Churchill was now able to return to its patrol area. James had felt that it was time to call a meeting of his senior staff to get an update on the ships Status for his own report to Admiral Jensen, and also the status of Lieutenant Kees. He looked out at the blackness of the void and started to wonder if the reconstituted Romulan looks that Ellie now had could be removed, if not what would she then do? as he turned towards the big oval table that was before him. picked up the hot beverage that sat on the said oval table that was before him.

Paisley walked into the room, a bottle of water and a data PaDD in her hand, acknowledging the Captain with a slight nod as she entered. Instinctively she moved to a seat at the furthermost end of the table and sat down, setting her water on the table and thumbing the PaDD to open it again.

Tank walked in and took a seat at the large table. The last few days had been a whirlwind of activity; taking over a department on a ship involved lots of paperwork, inspections, and meetings. Glancing at his calendar on his PADD he realized he had double booked himself. Tank sent a quick message to his Master at Arms to let him know that the Armory inspections would be conducted after the Captain's meeting.

Katana was shaking her head as she walked into the briefing room. Sure engineering was working at peak efficiency but she never accepts that and was working on a small upgrade to the IDF field when the captain called the briefing. Nodding to the senior staff that was there, she took her seat quickly.

Andi walks into the Conference Room Padd in hand reading and walks over to the replicator gets herself a cup of earthy coffee and takes it over to the seat to the right of the Captain's and suddenly realises she is not alone "Hello all, how is everyone after the current events of the last few days?" Lightfeather asked.

Mr'isarr walked into the Conference Room and immediately saw that not only were other officers present but so to were females. A customary bow as tradition demanded and he moved to stand off to one side. It was not out of disrespect to anyone present but the close proximity of them, the scent of them could cause undesired reactions later. It was far easier especially now that such things were avoided. Mr'isarr was hard to miss given his size both in height and bulk but his white fur contrasted against his uniform. His tail danced left and right gracefully slowly behind him as he stood, front to the table, his attention toward it and those present already.

William arrived last, not long after the marine captain. He took his seat and took a draft from the large flask of coffee he'd brought with him.

As James looked around the assembled personnel that sat at the table, James asked " Thank you all for coming to this meeting," as he sat back in his Chair, He continued," Doctor Paisley, If I may ask you think Lieutenant Kees would be ok to attend this Meeting?

"I have no reason or desire to keep her in sickbay any longer than necessary," Paisley responded simply. "Though I would recommend she be further assessed by security to see if she poses any security risk to the rest of the crew."

"Lt. Kees a security risk? What, now we are treating a Starfleet officer a risk to this ship?", Katana said shaking her head in dismay. "If that is how it is, you might as well treat me as a security risk as well. Lt. Kees doesn't have the heart to do this ship or its crew harm. Just because she has a Romulan father is no good cause to say she is a risk. I'm sorry but she happens to be my friend and I won't let anyone say or treat her otherwise. That is being cruel after what she has been through", Katanna said angrily.

Paisley turned a level gaze toward Katanna. "Oh please," she shot back angrily. "Be as outraged as you want but the simple fact is that she was taken by the Romulans and altered. She might be your friend but she was also in their control and no one knows what they did to her, or convinced her to do to us!" she replied. "I can clear her medically but that doesn't mean she's not a security risk... or would you like an outline of how the Romulans, and specifically the Tal Shiar, have treated us in the past?" Paisley shot a glance at Mr'isarr standing quietly off to one side. "If I have to be honest, I'd rather have HIM on our side than a potential Romulan traitor, and that's what she became when we were all sold out so she could go play happy families!" Casting another glance at Mr'isarr, this time much more apologetic, Paisley managed something resembling a smile. "No offence," she offered quietly.

"Thank you, Doctor," replied James as he turned to face Lieutenant Tankson, "Lieutenant Tankson, would you have Lieutenant Kees brought here Please as this does involve her?" replied James as he wanted Ellie to know that everyone here was worried about her and that she had friends that cared about her. He continued," Just to let everyone here know that Fae is my Daughter, but we must help Ellie overcome whatever the Romulans did to her for Fae's sake,"

Mr'isarr listened to the remark she made regarding himself and 'our side.' Then the glace at the end. It was at this point that Mr'isarr spoke. "While I respect I am new on board, and I mean no disrespect." He opened especially considering there were a majority of females present. "If she was taken by a foreign power, namely the Romulans who are known for all manners of manipulation in many varied forms both physical and mental, she must be considered a security risk until such time as deemed otherwise." It was the plain and simple truth, as difficult as the situation was to present itself. "Reports on Romulan activities in its measures on captives are widely known."

Andi looked at the Caitian with an appraising look, the new Marine officer looked cute and fluffy to her, but she knew better, the Caitian species could be some of the most fearsome opponents just because a species looked harmless does not mean this was the case in fact as she looked at him she saw steel behind his eyes "Lieutenant Kees was abducted by Romulan transporter before my personage, there are questions on how they managed to do such a thing, but I do not discount your observations Marine Captain Mr'isarr, she will need some counselling and a discreet watch is required, so far we do not know what happened to her over on her fathers ship, in time we will find out eventually, but agreed caution is required here" Lightfeather said.

Tank listened as the Senior Staff voiced their concerns and opinions, he had only had met Kees on the bridge but didn't know her very well though she seemed like a decent person. Knowing the Romulans reputation he understood the concerns but felt the response may be a little overkill. He remained quiet and only responded after being tasked with escorting Kees. "I will return momentarily with Kees," he said as he stood and left the room.

TAG: Tankson/Kees/Mr'isarr

< Shortly Afterwards >

Ellie walked alongside Tank she had to admit she was feeling pretty nervous about walking into the meeting. She could sense a whole mix of emotions from inside the room. Walking inside she looked towards James. "Lieutenant Kees reporting as ordered Sir."

James replied, "Take a seat Lieutenant," as he knew that Ellie had now her Romulan looks and this for her as she was meant to have been like except her mother had her altered when she was Fae's age, as he wanted to start the discussion with her in the room and not behind her back.

Taking a seat next to Katana, Ellie offered a smile as best as she could.

"Ellie, we are all wondering how you are and we are all worried about you," replied James looking back at her, he continued, "and we are worried if the Romulans had done something to you," Just then the Come went off, he opened a channel and spoke =/\=Stewart here go ahead,=/\=

=/\= Sir, Ensign Simmons here, Sir, We have picked up a freighter on sensors after we dropped out of warp right in front of us,=/\= as James looked around the room at everyone, he knew this was unexpected, but that happened sometimes in the job.

=/\= Any life signs Ensign?=/\= asked James needing all the information so that he could discuss it with his senior staff, as he leaned back into the chair and waited for the reply. he wondered what could be so wrong.

=/\= None Sir,=/\= came to the response.

=/\= Thank you, Ensign, keep watch and informed, Stewart Out =/\= as he closed the channel, he turned to his senior Staff, " Thoughts anyone?" as he knew this took priority now over Ellie's situation.

William found himself wishing the ship had appeared a little later. That way they'd know if Kees should even be present at this discussion; as it stood they'd not established if she'd been cleared to return to by security or not. "I can only think of a handful of reasons a ship showing no life signs drops outta warp. Most of 'em ain't good."

Katana placed a reassuring hand on Kees' hand and squeezed it.

"I have to agree with William on that assumption. Why would a freighter just drop in front of the Churchill and not have any signs? It can be only concluded that it is being remotely piloted or, it is being driven by robotic things that don't exhibit life signs. It does bear caution Captain", Katana said.

"Is the freighter capable of supporting life?" Paisley asked, her interest finally piqued. "If the vessel is capable of supporting life with environmental controls and an oxygen atmosphere within the vessel then it would seem unlikely that the freighter is either remote controlled or being driven by an army of robotic minions," she said with a shrug. "There are many reasons that no life signs are being detected, few of them bring good news. I would suggest much more comprehensive scans before throwing the crew in the path of danger without good reason yet again."

"Get all scanners on it, use every method we know of, I want to make sure that this ship and crew are safe, also, have medical do all the scans on the internals of that freighter, we do not want to catch anything," Lightfeather said.

"Given the current situation, Sir" Ellie looked at James. "May I return to my duties? I know people have doubts about me at the moment but you don't seriously think I'd do anything to a ship that's carrying my own child do you?"

"Yes you may Lieutenant, but if anything starts feeling different, go see doctor Paisley, got it," replied James as he was still concerned that her fathers XO had something done to her without her consent which had been her looks, but he would speak to her privately about that.

Paisley stood up, her PaDD hitting the table with a resounding clatter. "You have GOT to be kidding me!" she exploded, anger clear in her voice as she spoke. "You have just had TWO of your senior staff sit here and express concern of a potential security risk and you're going to completely overlook it, send her straight back to duty and put everyone else on this ship in danger?"

Finally turning her attention toward Kees, Paisley spoke again, her voice still echoing with anger "And to answer your question, yes, I think if it served the Tal Shiar, they'd put this ship and everyone on it at risk, including your daughter. Or would you like me to start listing other times that they've killed in cold blood because it suits their agenda?"

Turning back to the Captain again, Paisley picked up her PaDD from the table and shook her head. "Perhaps the person that SHOULD be relieved of duty Captain, is YOU! Clearly as far as she is concerned you are incapable of making an independent decision in the best interests of the entire crew!" Without waiting for a response, the doctor spun on her heel and stormed out of the meeting room.

Ellie looked horrifically shocked as she watched Paisley leave the room. She looked at James. "Should I go after the doctor Sir?"

Lightfeather spoke "No Lieutenant, you are currently the object of the doctor's anger *looks over at James* Captain, may I have a word with you in private?" Andi phrased it as a question, but the tone said otherwise.

"Of course Commander," replied James as he looked back at his XO who knew just as he did of how the Romulans could be, as he knew that they were known for their deceitful ways, "and we need to let the CMO cool down a bit before we talk with her,"

"I agree, but we still need to talk to her about this Captain" Andi said.

"Very well Commander, I will speak to her tonight," replied James as he knew that by giving her time to cool down would help her "and then we will talk to her tomorrow," he finished speaking as he looked back at his security chief.

"May I also speak with you Captain and XO? I'd like to weigh in with my opinion but I feel best if it is kept between the three of us for the time being," Tank said respectfully. He had hoped that the Captain and XO would hear him out. Being new to a crew and immediately asking to give an opinion in private could cause resentment between other senior staff members, but he felt that this case, in particular, warranted a classification of "Need to Know" and at the moment those that needed to know should be kept to a minimum.

"Fair enough Lieutenant, I'll see you both in my ready room in 2 hours time," replied James as he needed time to reflect upon what had gone on in the meeting, he continued," and I'd like also an update on the freighter out there?"

"Aye Captain, I'll head to the bridge now and update you shortly," Cody said as he stood at attention before heading immediately to the bridge.

Feeling that the meeting was over Andi stood up "will see you in your Ready Room then Captain" she said and left for the bridge also.

Mr'isarr stood, silently in mild disbelief. He wondered him what chaos of a ship did he just step on board. The delays, however, were utterly unacceptable, in any shape or form. A low, rolling growl audibly showed his displeasure at the events unfolding before him. "With all due respect to those present, all this private talk is pointless. The officer is present, the situation known. This may I, can I, will I talk serves no one nor the situation we find ourselves in." It was hard to ignore someone who by far was the largest and heaviest person in the room, more so being an apex predator. "The fact that the Chief Medical Officer has even gone so far as to threaten the Captain's command should supersede everyone else on professional grounds."

"and I will deal with Doctor Abraham myself Marine Captain," James responded, as he knew that the Marine was right about the Doctor and good job she wasn't a Klingon! he finished " if that is all Dismissed," closing the meeting as he looked around the room at the other members of his senior team that had remained.

William rose quickly from his seat and shook his head, a mix of disbelief and irritation playing on his face. He agreed with the marine captain and the doctor on the issue of Lt Kees, not that his opinion would carry much weight after this fiasco. From what he'd experienced of brainwashing during the Eugenics Wars he suspected that what Ellie was capable of wouldn't matter a damn. He strode from the room, heading for the gym to fit in some meditation before his shift started. One too many unpleasant memories were starting to resurface.

Ellie sat and watched everyone go right now she felt more of an outsider aboard her own ship. If her father’s ship made another appearance right now she might have even considered taking Fae and heading over to his ship where she would be welcomed.

To be continued.....


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