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[USS Churchill]S1:E1-New security chief

Posted on Sun Dec 9th, 2018 @ 8:37pm by Commander James Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:30pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD003- 13:00- 19/04/2392

After meeting his Executive officer, James next appointment was that of his new Security chief Lieutenant JG Neyi Bre, now having a Security chief on the Churchill was the most important member of his team, apart from himself and Lieutenant Commander Bradford. as he waited for the Lieutenant to come to his ready room, James started to wonder if he was going to be seeing anymore of his team this morning.

The Lieutenant got there more of less on time, a little bit before. But waited the two or so minutes outside the CO's office to page the door at the correct time. Waiting until she was asked to enter then coming in. "Captain, Lieutenant Neyi Bre reporting for duty." She knew that a good number of the crew had been on the ship a day or so, but it was still her first time reporting to him.

"Welcome Lieutenant, Please sit," replied James as he looked back at his new Security chief, He continued," and how was the trip?" as he knew that his own journey had been short to say the least. As he picked up his own mug and took a sip of his drink, He finished," would you like a drink?"

She seated herself and gave him a appreciative smile. "Puer Tea if you would please?" She waited for the aforementioned drink taking a small sample of it before actually answering the question at hand. "The Trip? Well enough I suppose, uneventful anyways. Honestly I pretty happy with the change of pace."

"Good, good," replied James as he rose from his chair and began to walk over to the replication unit to get the Lieutenant her drink, He asked," So please tell me a bit about yourself," as he wanted to hear from the Officer herself and not read it on the terminal.

She took a drink puckering from the rather bitter drink. "About me? Oh well. I grew up on Betazed, My family where all artists and I wasn't, I would say the black sheep. But they where actually rather supportive."

She gave a smile seaming to think something was internally funny. "Actually I suppose that sums up my entire experience on my home world. Not a lot of Betazed's join Star Fleet Marines, or go to the Academy for security..."

"I Joined the corps, did my rounds in the Dominion war. Went to the academy after the war. Kicked around on administrative duty. Then on the USS Condor. After that I spent two years as the Second officer of the Academy ship Cairo, was fun. Running cadets through there first two weeks in space. But they only let you stay for two years as cadre, so after that they made me get a "real job" and here I am." She blinked for a moment tanking another drink. "Or did you mean to ask about things not in my files? I'm sorry to ask, but I try to make a concerted effort not to read minds without asking. "

"I see, and what made you apply for this post?" asked James as the replicator started to work on the drink, as he wanted to find out from his new security chief so that he knew that this was what she had wanted, as he knew that there had been those that had been assigned here by Starfleet and not by choice he continued, "and as for what is not in your file, I will let you tell me when you want,"

"Well combination of size of the vessel and mission scope. It's not my first time in charge of something, but it is my first time being in charge of a department on a ship that actually does something. I mean other then train cadets."

"Well then Lieutenant," replied James looking back at her, " we will be doing a shake down cruise once everyone is onboard," as James knew that even the CMO and the Chief engineer had not even reported in yet and neither had the ships counselor for that matter. but he knew that this was only going to get better.

"Well sir, shake down cruises happen to be my specialty." She would pause to take a drink. "Is there any area you would prefer our efforts to be focused on in the security department?"

"Well Boarding drills would be a start Lieutenant," replied James ," and Patrols as well," he finished as he knew that Lieutenant Bre knew what she was doing and how they were going to be done. He also knew that the Security department were going to be trained and drilled until they could do it in thier sleep.

She gave him a nod. "Sounds well enough, I've met with most of the Security team that's already on board, they seam to be a good group so far. I'm sure we will all be moving like clock work in a week or two."

"Good, Good," replied James as he looked back at the Lieutenant as he asked, "I'd like your recommendations for your section heads and assistant chief," as he knew that having her input would make it better tan him just picking some one, He continued," and also involve the Marines in your drills," as hye didn't want any friction between the two.

She gave a nod. "I'll have my recommendation in by the end of tomorrow. And I like the ideal of including the Marines." She got up and to attention. "If there's nothing else I'll go and get to drawing up the recommendations."

"Then you are dismissed Lieutenant" replied James, as he knew that he was going to be meeting a lot of new crew and also a lot of Paperwork, but he wanted this job and now he had it, he was complaining, as he remembered what his Mom once told him oO never get what you wish for Oo as he watched the lieutenant leave the ready romm as he thought, OO who will be next Oo as he watched the door close behind the Lieutenant.



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