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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep1- Changes

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 8:41am by Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 11:03pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Romulan Warbird
Timeline: MD0012- 16:00 hrs 26/04/2392


Ellie might well have been a guest aboard her father's ship but she felt totally out of place, a Starfleet Officer aboard a Romulan warbird was practically unheard of and right now she couldn't wait to get back to the Churchill. She was looking for her father in the small area that she was allowed to roam when she ran into Merik.

"Forgive me, I was hoping to find my father."

Merik was a little startled as a human bumped into him, initially, he thought oO what is a human doing on an Imperial Warbird Oo then he looked at her face and recalled the images of what his Commanders daughter looked like now "If you will follow me" Merik saying in a curt but polite tone.

Nodding Ellie followed Merik, it didn't take long for her to discover that she wasn't being taken to find him as they walked into the Sickbay. She looked at the doctor who seemed to be expecting her before trying to back away only to find her path blocked. "What is going on here!?"

"Before we take you to meet your father, it is only proper that you look like a Romulan that you are not some Hevum infidel, here you will learn that you are Romulan and not Hevum" Merik curtly said as the Doctor approached Ellie.

Ellie tried backing away but the medical staff were on hand to stop her, catching hold of her arms to hold her still. "You can't do this to me!" There was momentary pressure on her neck and a hiss. "I'm a...Starfleet...Officer!" It wasn't long before she was unconscious.

The medical staff moved her to a bed, helping to prepare her for the surgery ahead.

Merik looks at the medical staff alert me when she is ready" he said to the medical staff.

The medical staff nodded and watched Merik leave Medical.

< Sometime Later >

The doctor smiled as the doors opened and Merik walked back into the room. "She's ready Sir." He motioned to the bed where Ellie was slowly coming round. "As you can see her ears have been restored to their natural look and I also slightly adjusted the look to her upper brow area as well. Now she looks more like a daughter of Romulus should."

Ellie slowly opened her eyes to see Merik looking at her. "What....what did to me?"

Merik looked down at the prone woman "much, much better" he said then looked up at the Doctor with a smile "excellent work Doctor" he said then walked over to the rooms replicator and tapped in a few commands and a set of Romulan civilian attire materialized, he picked it up and took it over to Kees and handed her the items "you cannot go see your father in a surgical gown and your Starfleet uniform has been incinerated" he added placing the items on the surgical bed then went over to get a mirror and held it up in front of Kees so that she could see how she now looked.

Ellie looked at herself, the image in front of her was one she hadn’t seen in a long time. Not since she was very young. “What did you do...” she grabbed the clothing and put it on. “I want to see my father!!”

"We simply returned your true visage to you, ironically your father wishes to see you too, now if you will follow me I will take you to him," Merik said in response.

Ellie nodded. She’d always wondered how she’d look with her original features now she had them and she was wishing she didn’t.

"Follow me, Lieutenant," Merik said using her rank "time for you to meet your father" he added as he led her to a turbo lift when they were both in and the doors closed he keyed in a destination and the lift whisked them to her father's location. Upon arriving the doors opened and they had to take a short walk to the Captain's Quarters, where Merik pressed the buzzer and waited.

Vrih was pacing his room until the buzzer sounded. "Enter!" he looked up as the doors opened and Merik entered with a very flustered looking young woman. "Ellie..."

Ellie stood looking at the man infront of her, for a moment her physical changes were forgotten as she looked at her father. "Father?"

Vrih looked at Merik. "Leave us. Take over contact with the Federation ship while I get to know my daughter."

"Yes Captain" Merik said then left the pair alone to get acquainted.

He waited for the doors to close before turning to Ellie. "Where do I start?"

"Perhaps with an explanation as to why you allowed them to change me!" Ellie looked at her father. "I didn't ask for this!!"

"Did you ask to be changed in the first place?" Vrih looked at Ellie, he could see her likeness to her mother. A woman he once cared for more than he should. "Your mother took your heritage from you, we have simply given it back. You didn't have my granddaughter altered did you?"

Ellie shook her head. "No....I wanted her to have her heritage, for the choice to be hers."

"Then is it so different?" Vrih knelt infront of his daughter. "I want to know you, to know my granddaughter. You are the only family I have."

Ellie looked at her father, the frown on her face disappearing, her eyes filled with tears. "I....I always wanted to know who my father was."

"Come...." Vrih held out his hand. "See who you really are." He waited for her to take his hand before leading her to the mirror to look at herself. "This is who you truly are Ellie. You are my daughter, a child of Romulus." He was acutely aware that her Captain would be worried about her. "Come with me to the bridge." He held out his hand. "We must speak with your Captain."

Ellie paused before taking her father's hand.



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