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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep1-Interesting Facts (Backpost)

Posted on Sun May 19th, 2019 @ 11:24pm by Commander James Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:55pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Ready Room - U.S.S. Churchill
Timeline: MD0011- 1800 hrs 27/04/2392

James hadn't had the chance to catch up with Rogers after the explostion on deck six, as he looked back at his helm officer, He asked, "Lieutenant Rogers, a Moment of your time please," as he spoke in a calm tone, He motioned over towards his ready room, as he rose from the command chair. He said Ensign Mitchell, you have the con, as he headed towards his ready room

"Aye sir." Rodgers replied. He stood, and pausing briefly to offer his replacement at the helm a quick 'be on the lookout' for a few issues which had cropped up earlier in the shift, followed the commander.

As James walked over to the replication unit and was about to type in a code for a coffee, He asked the Lieutenant " would you like a drink Lieutenant?" as he watched the Helmsman enter his room, He also knew that he had been focusing most of his time on Ellie and Fae and that a Balance now had to be found.

Rogers hesitated for a second as he caught himself almost answering with a colloquialism. "No, thank you, sir." He walked to the commander's desk and stood to attention in front of it.

"At ease Lieutenant," replied James as he looked back at Rogers, He continued," I'm sorry for not checking up on you ," he started to tap in the commands for his drink, He continued," May I ask how you are after the explostion on deck six?" as the unit started to hum. he was pleased that Rogers had been there when it had happened otherwise he could have lost Ellie, and that was unthinkable, He said "And I would like to thank you for what you did for Ellie,"

Rogers' posture relaxed a little as he transitioned from at attention to at ease. "The worst of my injuries have healed, thanks to Dr Abraham. Got a few check up appointments to make sure my lungs aren't rejecting the regenerated tissue, but I've been declared fit for duty." There was a distinct note of satisfaction in the helmsman's voice at being allowed to return to work full time. He turned slightly to look at the commander. "Thank you sir, but I didn't do anything anyone else on the crew wouldn't also have done."

"That is good to hear Lieutenant, I am aware of Starfleet not liking those that have been augmented," replied James looking back at Rogers, "But I do not have a problem with it and I hope that it doesn't," he continued as the replication unit finished its work. James finished, " May I ask what your augmentations are?" as he hadn't read up on this whilst he had been on his sabbatical.

Rogers' face darkened for a moment at the question. "If you don't mind, sir, I prefer the term 'modifications' or 'enhancements'. 'Augment' was a racial slur in my time. As to my modifications: The GenEng program I took part in increased my strength, reflexes, speed and endurance. Came in at around two and a half times human, but with the right training some of the others got theirs up to three times. The program also increased the efficiency of my heart, lungs, liver and kidneys; and did something to my blood to try and improve my resistance to chemical and biological ordinance. Downside to the Magic Blood is that it works against some of Starfleet's futuristic medicines."

"I'm sorry Lieutenant for making you feel uneasy," replied James as he looked back at the helm officer, He continued, " I am just thankful that you were with Lieutenant Kees when the accident happened," as he picked up the glass and took a sip of his drink, he finished," I hope you will forgive me for my ignorance about your Modifications,"

"It's no problem, sir." Rogers replied. "Wouldn't be fair to expect anyone to know how a term was used 400 years ago." He shrugged slightly. "From what I understand a lot of knowledge about my time was lost in the Third World War."

"So, please do tell me, what happened back then?" asked James as he was interested in the officers background, as he knew that it might help him understand what the officer had seen and done before he got put in cryo stasis.

"Well, sir..." Rogers began. He looked thoughtful for a moment as he tried to fit his experiences in a frame of reference the captain would understand. How do you explain being poor to someone for whom such things never existed? "It was an interesting time to grow up. Lots of technological leaps being made. Great if you could afford it. Less so if you couldn't. I don't remember a lot about how the Eugenics Wars started: I was receiving my enhancements in the years leading up to them and they didn't leave much time for reading the news."

James asked," Did you understand why they were worried at that time with your modifications?" as he wanted to understand what it was like back then, what with Khan trying to take over and why they also had been put to sleep until Captain Kirk had found them as he finished "as we all know with people get scared when they don't understand or have misunderstood those who have different needs," as he knew from history when we first met the Vulcan's.

"There wasn't all that much worry in the beginning. Sir, what you have to understand is that most people didn't really know what Singh and the other Tyrants were. That didn't come out until later. Sure, they were already active on the world stage but to most of us they were just petty dictators like Gaddafi or Castro." Rogers explained. "The fear, the hatred, the discrimination? That came with the war. That I understood."

"So How did you handle it all?" asked James as he looked back at his helm officer. as he wondered that it must have been a bad time what with Khan trying to take over.

William chuckled ruefully. "Believe it or not, it was easy during the war: we were all trying not to get killed. Afterwards?" William tailed off and shrugged. "Kept my head down. As long as I didn't show off my modifications most couldn't tell. Wasn't easy, but turns out I didn't have to do it long."

"Why, what do you mean?" Replied James as he picked up his glass and took a sip of the cool liquid, as this was fascinating to hear of accounts from someone from that era who had lived it and survived it to tell the tale.

"I guess long time is relative. Wasn't long form my perspective." William replied. "It was only three years between the end of the war and when I was put into cold sleep. When I woke up basic medical scans could tell I'd been altered. No point hiding it after that."

"Well, thank you Lieutenant for your time," replied James as he looked back at the helm officer, He continued" and thank you for being with Lieutenant Kees," as he held him a debt he could not pay otherwise he would have had to bring Fae up alone.



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