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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep 1-Green Information

Posted on Thu May 16th, 2019 @ 6:32pm by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Katana Rochelle & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:54pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Conference room- USS Churchill
Timeline: MD008- 13:00 hrs 25/04/2392


After reading up on Ellie's father, James had no doubt that this was a man that was not to be taken lightly, although his new father in law was coming to see his daughter and after all this time, He had finally made the journey to come see her and for what reason apart from his Granddaughter as well. as he sat at the oval table as he waited for his senior staff.

Ellie walked into the conference room, she had butterflies like never before but she knew she had to do this. Getting herself a drink of water from the replicator she walked over to James taking a seat opposite where Commander Lightfeather would be on the opposite side of James. She offered him a smile taking the time to speak before others started arriving. “I wasn’t sure that I could do this James, but I know now that I have to. I’m ready to meet my father.”

" I know Ellie, things do not go as Planned," as he looked back at her, "But I am here for you," he continued as he knew that he had to get his team on track and ready for anything as he waited for his senior staff to arrive.

Katana arrived shortly holding her practising, nodding to those assembled, took her customary seat and waited.

William was not far behind Katana. The staff meeting had caused him to cut short his morning meditation which was slightly irksome. He found an empty chair and dropped into it.

Paisley slipped quietly into the conference room and slid into a seat, stifling a yawn behind her hand as she contemplated whether or not it had been a smart idea to attend without having her morning coffee first.

James watched as the last of his senior staff took their place at the table, He said," Thank you all for coming," as he looked around the room, "The reason I have called you here is that Lieutenant Kees has received a message from her father," He stated as he knew something of a personal nature would not be required for a senior staff meeting, he concluded, "However; it has come to light that her Father is a senior member of the Romulan Tal Shair," as he waited for that bit of news to sink in.

While Paisley was at least peripherally aware of the fact that the counsellor was part Romulan, simply through reviewing medical records, the link to Tal Shiar was something that she had not expected. Though she didn't say anything out loud, in fact, her reaction was so imperceptible that one likely may not have noticed it at all if they weren't watching her. The colour in her face drained slightly, the corners of her mouth turning down a little as her lips tightened. Even her hands gripped on the armrests of the chair a little more, yet still, she said nothing, just turned her face away slightly and lowered her gaze to rest on the table next to her.

Ellie looked at Paisley, her Betazoid senses were tuned to the fact that she’d suddenly become nervous. She couldn’t say she blamed her Ellie felt pretty much the same herself. She turned to look at all those at the table. “I am sorry, I didn’t know who my father was until now. I have no right to refuse his request.”

Knowing about this beforehand "not to worry we all get shocks and have a family we do not know until they pop out at us" Lightfeather said.

“Thank you Commander” Ellie nodded and smiled hoping the rest of the crew would see it that way.

"A shock indeed but regardless of who or what, our first duty is to family, therefore, you have my support and co-operation, Ellie. You know I will stand by you", Katana said. She knew about shocks like these and sometimes they hurt.

"Thank you" Ellie smiled as she looked at Katana. "I just want to get this over with now and we haven't even begun."

Inwardly Andi was unsure on this news, but outwardly she showed nothing but support knowing how difficult fathers could be at times.

William shrugged at the news, it hardly seemed important enough to call a meeting of the heads of staff. It wasn't any of his business although it stung a little that she'd lied to him about it after everything. "Does this have something to do with why we've been on the lookout for Romulans?" He asked the captain.

"Afraid so Lieutenant," replied James, "it seems that her father wants to meet with Ellie, but that's not why I called you here," he continued looking around the room, he finished," the most important thing we need to be aware of his officers and what they might do?. he knew that Tank would now put his men on alert. "Lieutenant Tankson, I want a female officer to be with Fae at all times when Lieutenant Kees and I are not with her," as he glanced at Ellie.

Ellie gave a smile but couldn’t help but feel like she was under a microscope. Her eyes had focused more on William as he spoke she’d felt a pang of annoyance from the man she considered a friend.

Listening to the platitudes being expressed around the room, Paisley clenched her teeth, gripping the armrests of the chair with her hand as she crossed her legs neatly and kept her gaze low. Family be damned, as far as she was concerned no one had the right to be putting the entire crew in danger by messing with the Tal Shiar for one crew member. She knew all too well exactly what the Tal Shiar was capable of and the fact that the Captain was even considering any kind of involvement was, in her opinion, nothing short of ridiculous. It was taking every ounce of self-control she had to not speak her mind openly. "Sickbay will be ready for the inevitable casualties." Her words were clipped, spoken with a direct undertone of anger, but still, she didn't look up.

William frowned. From what the captain and Ellie had said it didn't take a genius (which he most definitely was not) to see where this meeting was heading. He cast his eyes around the other staff officers, wondering if he was the only one with reservations about what was being implied. From the looks of things, Doctor Abraham was livid at the situation. "Sir," he ventured "if you're that worried about what Lt Kees' father might do, wouldn't it be better not to meet with him?"

Andi spoke up as she looked at Lieutenant Rogers "Lieutenant Rogers, the Captain will have to speak with the Romulan if only to find out what they actually want, granted it is dubious, but a meeting is what we need, we will put measures in place to counter any known Romulan tactic, I am not eager to lose one of the crew, if the Captain cannot meet with him, I will, but for the most part we must play it by ear" she said.

Ellie could feel resentment and concern starting to brew at the table. Feeling like she was about to burst into tears in front of everyone she pushed her chair back and looked at James. "If you'll excuse me Sir....I'm not feeling well." With that, she quickly departed the room without making eye contact with anyone.

Looking concerned, Andi stood and followed Kees out of the room.

- Corridor -

As both women entered the corridor "Ellie, stop a moment will you!" Lightfeather spoke.

Ellie stopped and turned around to look at Andromeda. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she leant against the wall of the corridor. "I...I'm sorry Commander!" She wiped her face with her hand, brushing away the tears. "I couldn't sit there listening and feeling the emotions in that room!!"

oO ah yes, she is empathic Oo Andi thought "that is okay Ellie, we all know this is tough for you" she said gently placing a hands-on Ellies shoulder "if you need a moment to have one, then we can go back in, also, if you know how to block emotions coming at you, I would suggest you, do so as I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better" Lightfeather added.

Ellie nodded. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have rushed out. I just.... cannot sit there and cry in front of everyone!" She took a relaxing breath and dried her eyes.

*nods in understanding* "Well let us take a moment and you can get your wits about you, then we can return back to the meeting" Andi said.

Eventually, Ellie got herself together Andi could see the woman stealing herself ready for the next round oO What a trooper Oo Lightfeather thought.

“I’m ready, let’s do this!” She looked at Lightfeather and offered a smile.

As they were returning back to the briefing room Andi heard a transporter beam behind her, she looked back and Kees was gone "Dammit" she recognised a Romulan Transporter beam, so she rushed back into the Room "Yellow Alert people Lieutenant Kees has just been beamed out by a Romulan transporter, briefing over, get back to your duty posts and find me that damn Romulan ship that is out there!" Lightfeather ordered.

"Fek' lar.....Romulan p'tak", Katana said as she flew to her bridge engineering station. Opening it up she started to get the reserve power that would be needed for this pursuit. "Engineering is 100% ready for pursuit. All stations manned and ready", Katana said quickly.

All wore concerned looks, the implications of what was just reported did not sit well with any of them.

With the team in motion, Andi returns to the bridge along with the bridge crew she wanted to find her kidnapped Officer, this was so like the Romulan's instead of opening a dialogue they beam a Starfleet Officer right off the ship oO damn Romulan arrogance Oo she thought.

All returned to the bridge and began in earnest to locate the cloaked Romulan ship which had still eluded their scans, as she sat in the command chair Andi was gripping the arms tighter making her knuckles go white.


Commander James Stewart
Commanding Officer

Lt Cmdr Andromeda Lightfeather
First Officer

Lieutenant JG William Rogers
Chief Flight Control Officer

Lieutenant JG Ashley Tankson
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Lieutenant JG Katana Rochelle
Chief Engineering Officer

Lieutenant JG Ryan North
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant JG Paisley Abraham
Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Ellie Kees
Chief Counselor


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