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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep1- An unexpected message

Posted on Mon May 6th, 2019 @ 6:19pm by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:39pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Various
Timeline: MD007- 08:30 hrs # 24/04/2392


Ellie hadn’t been on the bridge long when she was alerted to the arrival of an important message. Getting up from her seat she headed into the unoccupied briefing room, it made sense to check the message now just in case it was anything James would need to know.

Sitting at the conference table she requested a private channel and opened her message. The face on the other end sent chills down her spine, the caller was Romulan and it only made sense in one way.

“Hello Ellie, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I doubt your mother will have told you much if anything, about me but your father! “ he paused for a moment no doubt to let the information sink in. “I’ve been keeping track of you since you were born, although I doubt your mother would have allowed me any contact with you at all. I would go into long explanations but as it is I will be seeing you soon enough. I would like nothing more than to see you and my granddaughter in person, perhaps I will.” He smiled an almost sickly sweet smile. “Farewell, for now, my daughter.”

As the message closed Ellie sat back in her seat picking it all over in her head. There was only one thing she could do. She hit the comms. =/\= Kees to Stewart! Commander I need to see you in the briefing room right away! =/\=

James had been in his ready room catching up on his paperwork from his department head when he got the call from Ellie, he tapped his Commbadge and replied,=/\= I'm on my way Lieutenant,=/\= as he rose from his chair, he wondered what was up, was Fae Ok? as his mind raced, He asked, =/\= Is Fae Ok or is it Ships business ?=/\= as he thought to himself oO or the possibility of something else? Oo

=/\= I'll explain in a minute Sir =/\= was her only response. Minutes later she burst into the briefing room looking very flustered. "Commander...James...I..." She took a deep breath. "I think you should see this...." She handed him a PADD with a copy of the message for him to see, "Sir I....I'm a danger to this ship. I'm part Romulan!"

"Slow down Ellie, and start from the beginning," replied James as he took the PADD from her hand, as he knew this was some bombshell, hell this guy could use Fae against him and Ellie, "you do know that I'm going to have to call the Admiral's Office on this and the XO," as he knew this looked bad. He happed his Commbadge =/\= Commander Lightfeather, Please report to the Briefing room,=/\=

Andi was in her Quarters/Office when the Commbadge sounded, she tapped it to make the two-way connection =/\=Affirmative Captain Lightfeather out =/\=

"I know" Ellie nodded. "My mother....had my looks altered when I was young, I didn't know I was part Romulan until my medical results at the Academy. I never knew my father, at least I didn't until now..." She looked at James. "He says on that message that he knows me! That he knows about Fae!!"

Finally arriving, slightly out of breath, she approached the CRR doors which opened freely for her and composed herself "what is the urgency Captain, from the tone I got, it sounded urgent?" Andi asked,

Ellie looked at James, she knew she had just become a huge liability and her Starfleet career was going to be a threat now her father had reared his Romulan head.

James could see that Ellie was worried and quite rightly so, he said to Lightfeather," Have a look at that," as he handed his XO the PADD that held the message, "If Starfleet knew about this a long time ago. you would not be here," James said looking at her. he continued, "So what your mixed race, there are others on this ship that are Half Human, Half Orion," as he tried to reassure her.

"That may be but none of those is being contacted by a Romulan who has plans to see them soon!" Ellie sighed. "What does that mean!? How does my father plan to see me? Does it risk this ship and crew?"

"Ellie, this doesn't make sense why now?" replied James as he soon realised that Ellie's father wanted to see his granddaughter which was his right of course, He continued, " He is still your father Ellie, no matter what your heritage may be, your Career is safe," as he looked back at Lightfeather.

Ellie nodded. "I'm sorry I'm just worried and scared. I've never had anything to do with my father I'm concerned what his motives are. I don't even know who he is or what position he holds."

"Ellie, have you thought that he might just want to meet his Granddaughter and get to know you as well?" asked James as he looked back at her, He continued," I know your Mom must have her reasons for not telling you much about him, but give him a chance," he knew that she was scared, He finished," and don't forget he would have to meet Fae's Father," as he knew that this meant he was to meet his father in law.

Ellie took a relaxing breath. “I’m sorry, I’m probably worrying about nothing. You’re probably right, if he’s been keeping track of me all these years then I guess I owe him the right to at least listen to what he has to say. I don’t want him to see Fae until I’ve spoken to him myself.”

Taking the Padd Andi looked at the Padd and was at a loss, slightly shaking her head, she looked up "Could someone please give me the cliff notes? I am a little scattered of late" Lightfeather intoned holding up the Padd.

"To cut a long story short Commander, I am part Romulan. The message is from my father, I've never met him but he seems to know me! The message says he'll see me soon and that's what worries me."

"And to top it off Her mother didn't bother to tell her that she is part Romulan and had her features altered," replied James, he continued, "she only found out at her first ever Starfleet physical exam," looking back at Lightfeather.

*nods in understanding* "okay, that could be a problem, Lieutenant is there any indication that your father is part of the Tal' Shiar by any chance? Also, it could be that he wants to get to know you, but hearing that he knows about you is of no real surprise *shrugging* he is Romulan" Andi said.

"I have absolutely no idea." Ellie sighed. "I guess there's only one way to find out isn't there?"

"Yes, but we must be cautious in our dealing him" Lightfeather cautioned

Ellie nodded. "I don't want him anywhere near Fae until I've had a chance to get to know him first. I'm not willing to risk her safety." She looked at James. "I'm guessing my father is already en route to meet us."

Andi nods "I will assign a security officer to stand guard outside your quarters, should we meet him, he will be kept away from your daughter, that is the most we can do" Lightfeather responded.

“Thank you Commander” Ellie nodded and smiled. “Meeting me is one thing but meeting Fae is out of the question until I’m sure it’s safe.”

"Well then, let's inform the other members of the senior staff," replied James as he looked back at them, he continued," Commander, schedule a meeting for 10:00 hrs tomorrow," as he knew that Ellie was now worried he finished "and I want someone near Fae as well when he is on the ship,"

Ellie sighed before offering a smile. “Thank you for this. I absolutely hate it but I know I owe my father a chance. He’s kept tabs on me all these years which I guess means he cares.”

"We look after our own on this ship Lieutenant" Andi simply responded.

"Well then, you are both dismissed," as James now had to get this ship ready, he tapped his Commbadge =/\= Lieutenant Rogers, be on the lookout for Romulan's,=/\= as he knew things were about to change.

=/\= Romulans? =/\= Came to the reply from the helm. Rodgers sounded surprised. =/\= Did I hear that correctly, sir?=/\=

=/\= Yes Lieutenant, Romulans, Inform me when sighted,=/\= as James needed some time to think and reflect on what the cards being shown by the fates, he thought to himself oO why the hell now was Ellie's father showing up Oo as he knew that this was upsetting for her.

=/\= Aye sir. =/\= On the bridge Rogers shared a look with the crew member manning the science station and shrugged.



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