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[USS Churchill] S1:E1-The New NumberOne

Posted on Tue Jan 1st, 2019 @ 1:27pm by Commander James Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 8:43pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Various/Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD003 10:00 hrs 19/04/ 2392



After so long in Starfleet Operations on earth, Andi was to get her first command assignment and as such, she changed to a Red shirt instead of her Yellow one, making sure everything about her was perfect, he attention was drawn to an enlisted standing in her room, she looked at him as he held out a Padd.

"Ah, the paperwork, I trust that my much-needed belongings have been shipped to the Churchill?" she asked.

"Yes Ensign" the crewman responded as Andi signed off and he left.

On this account, there was a fast courier ship heading to the starbase where the USS Churchill was currently in orbit of, she looked at the details, an Intrepid class ship and the CO was a fresh-faced commander, right then and there she knew that this was going to be an interesting assignment and with that she left her quarters and headed for the ship that would take her to the Churchill kitbag in hand.

[USS Churchill]

After a few days in transit, the courier drops from warp close to the Churchill, picking up her kitbag Andi heads down to the transporter room, where the transporter chief obtains clearance to beam her over "your larger stuff has already been beamed over Sir, you are next" the Chief said.

Andi nodded and stepped onto the transporter padd and looked at the Master Chief "energize" Andi instructed and she felt her DNA disassemble and reassemble on the padd in the Churchills transporter room where she was greeted by the ships transporter chief.

"The Captain is ready to see you, Sir," he said.

"Thanks, Chief," she said with a friendly smile and exited out of the room and onto the turbolift.

James had been walking around the ship for the last two days getting himself familiar with the layout of his new ship and now after settling in with his new quarters, now sitting in his ready room, James had received word of his new Executive officer one Lieutenant Commander Lightfeather. as he read over her service jacket with a mug of coffee in his hand, he hoped that this might be a good start to his senior staff.

[Captain's Ready Room]

As the lift opens up on Deck One Andi heads straight to the CRR and pressed the buzzer.

"Come," Called James as he looked back his terminal as the information on his supplies were coming through, he hoped that things were being brought in quickly as they were due to have their shakedown cruise shortly, but first things first the ship was starting to fill with a crew.

Andi entered and tilted her head to the left slightly and 'he is so young' she thought, realizing there was only three years difference between them in age she put down her kitbag, coming smartly to attention. "Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather, reporting for duty as your new First Officer Sir," she said holding out her hand.

"Welcome Commander," replied James as he took hold of the offered hand and shook it, He continued, " How was your trip?" as he released the hand and then sat down in his chair, He finished "So please tell me a bit about yourself?" as he looked back at his new Number One.

After the handshake was released "my trip was fine, thank you, sir" she had not been given permission to sit so she remained standing "I am a forty-year-old Lieutenant Commander from a Cherokee Reservation in what was once known as North America, my father is a tribal Chief and my mother is one of the few remaining Amazonian women, not a true Amazonian, she was part of an experiment, a limited gene experiment, it gave her strong bones and muscles and so she was very fit and quite strong. While I have inherited her build, and bone structure I am a normal unaltered human."

She paused "My previous posting was Starfleet Operations on earth, while I have served on starships and starbases before, this is my first actual Command position Sir, so I am hoping we could learn from each other!" Lightfeather said and that is everything that comes to mind at the moment" she finished.

"Everything," replied James as he picked up his mug of coffee and looked back at his new Number one, as he knew that once out there in the void that they would be reliant upon each other. as he needed to know that he could trust her and trust between a Xo and the Captain was very important to him.

"If you got any questions to ask of me Sir, please do as I would like to put to bed any lingering fears you may have about me?" Andi said and fell silent.

"and what fears do you think I have Commander?" asked James as he leaned back into his chair, He knew that an XO and CO had to trust one another and he had to trust his XO. He asked, "would you stop me from going On away Missions?" he continued as he knew some XO's would not allow the Captain to venture off the ship.

"I do not know sir, knowing I would say, I do not know, so cannot say, but I am at this moment an unknown quantity, so would it not be logical for you to ask of me any questions and my initial question is, what is our first mission?" Andi asked.

"And you think me a green-faced Commander?" he asked looking back at his new XO as he knew that this being his first command would make folk think he was, but he knew also that having the time off like the head would make him feel like he was.

Looking aghast "I would never say or intone such a thing Captain, cannot believe you would think like that, but back to my question, what is our next mission exactly?" Andi asked with a small smile.

We don't have a mission as such, but we will be conducting a shakedown cruise," replied James as he knew that once all the bugs had been found then the ship would be classed as operational. "So Engineering will need to be at the top of their game" He continued looking back at Lightfeather.

"I will keep engineering on their toes Captain," Andi said with a smile "So, how long have you been in command of the Churchill?" Lightfeather asked.

"Oh about two days," replied James looking back at Andi, He continued, "I had a burnout and took some R & R that I had owed," as he looked back at Andi again. "I am just about to start meeting the crew today as well as the rest of my Senior staff," he finished as he knew that Andi would take care of everything else for him.

"Well we should get on with it then Captain" Andi said smiling.

"Well then Commander I better not Keep you from your duties, your dismissed," replied James, as he looed back at his terminal and noticed that his next appointment was the ships counselor, and something told him that fate was about to hit him for six.



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