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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep1-The best laid schemes o' mice an' Medical Officers

Posted on Thu May 2nd, 2019 @ 8:50pm by Chief Petty Officer Cara Pelleon
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 11:05pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD004 -09:00 hrs- 21/04/2392

In Cara Pelleon's experience this part of the shift was always quiet. A good time to catch up with her new department head and go through the remaining appointments for the shift. PADD in hand she crossed the sickbay to the CMO's office, pressed the door chime and waited for a response.

Paisley sat on the floor in her office, almost completely obscured by the large desk, a mountain of PaDD's surrounding her as she worked her way through medical file after medical file, reviewing lists of supplies, staff rosters. There was so much that she had to get her head around, it was starting to feel slightly overwhelming. "Enter," she called from her position on the floor without even glancing up.

"Dr Abraham?" Cara asked, not initially spotting Paisley behind her PaDD fort. "Oh! There you are." She tucked a loose strand of hair behind a pointed ear. "I have the appointment list for the rest of the shift if you would care for a change of pace?"

"Sure, bring it over, grab a seat... And call me Paisley" Paisley said with a smile, offering the chair that she would normally have been occupying. "Do we have any details on what the appointments are for? Or are we just flying blind?"

Cara gave a small smile in return as she handed over the PaDD. She hesitated before, if allowed, taking a seat on the floor. "Mostly just routine check ups for the new transfers. There is one interesting case: Lt Roger's, our resident augment."

"Okay, routine checkups are fine, I have the afternoon roster here somewhere, I'll see who we have available to take what. Lieutenant Rogers? I've got his medical records here somewhere but I've not gone through them yet, what's his story?" she asked, leaning back on her hands slightly.

Cara tapped her chin with her left index finger. "Let me see. Human, although with the amount of genetic augmentation he's undergone that designation is tenuous. Spent three and a half centuries in cryogenic suspension. Inhaled a near lethal quantity of nyocene gas during the power conduit malfunction 2 days ago. Augmentations saved his life but are complicating his recovery."

"I see," Paisley replied quietly. "I think I did see something on an update on that..." she leaned forward, rifling through the piles of PaDD's she had spread around. "You know, I think I'm gonna need a coffee before we go any further with this," she said with a sigh. "Do you want something while I'm up?" she asked, climbing to her feet and heading toward the replicator.

"Vulcan spice tea, please." Cara frowned. "Are you expecting difficulties with the Lt?"

With a coffee in one hand and the requested spiced tea in the other, Paisley returned to the desk, handing the tea out before she gracefully returned to her position on the floor. "No, not at all. He has quite a complex medical history, I think it's going to take some time to wrap my head around it all." She offered a wry smile. "That's always the downside of starting a new assignment, having to relearn everyone's medical history, especially in cases that are complicated."

Cara took the mug and inhaled the steam rising from the surface of the liquid. "Reminds me of home." She took a sip of the tea. "I've not had chance to consult Lt Rogers' file in depth, but I can give you the information necessary for his current treatment."

"Sure," Paisley said with a smile, blowing across the top of her coffee. "Bring me up to speed. It's always good hearing it from someone who was actually on deck when it happened, I've found there's often little bits of information left out after the fact."

Cara outlined the situation as best as she was able: the initial tests to confirm the diagnosis of nyocene gas poisoning; the administration of the standard treatments and their surprising lack of efficacy; the tests to establish the reasons for said lack of efficacy; and finally the new treatment they'd hit upon. "In essence we've attempted to compensate for the sequestration capabilities of the Lt's blood by applying medicament directly to his lungs over an extended period of time."

"Hmmm..." Paisley took a sip of her coffee as she contemplated. "How successful has it been?" she asked quietly. "I mean, I would have expected to see rapid improvement in a short time, so if it he is still experiencing grave issues we may need to look at alternative treatments."

"That's part of what this appointment is for." Cara explained taking another drink of tea. "The Lt has also had his lungs augmented which has made balancing dose and duration more difficult then anticipated."

"If the damage was done due to inhalation, could treatment be given the same way? Slow and constant delivery of a gaseous medication to help treat the damage?" Paisley asked thoughtfully.

Cara nodded. "That's a good idea. Do we have enough material on hand to try or shall I see to replicating additional supplies?"

"What I'm thinking is kind of along the lines of oxygen therapy, but having the oxygen infused with a low and slow dose of medication that can be delivered over a longer period of time. Can we simulate some kind of hyperbaric chamber? Maybe in one of the isolation rooms?" Paisley asked. "I assume it shouldn't be entirely too difficult."

Cara nodded. "Would you like me to start looking into that?"

"Yes, thank you," Paisley replied with a smile. "I'm sure the computer has a wealth of information that could be easily accessed and we can always liase with medical if we need to to have anything customised. I'll leave you with it, but definitely let me know if you need any help."


Lieutenant JG Paisley Abrahams
Chief Medical Officer
USS Churchill

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