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[USS Churchill] S1:E1-meeting the CMO

Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 11:38pm by Commander James Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:23pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD003, 14:45-19/04/2392

As James headed down to sickbay to formmaly meet his chief medical officer and do his Physical, James wondered why the officer hadn't made him self known until the briefing, although he must of been very busy with the physicals of the rest of the crew. as he entered Sickbay He called, "Doctor Abraham, are you about?" as he looked around the Sickbay, He continued, Its Commander Stewart,"

The voice rattled her to her bones and Paisley groaned inwardly. Checking in had been something on her agenda but she just hadn't quite made it that far. Dropping the tray of supplies she had been counting, she half slid out the storage cupboard, rushing toward the main area of sickbay.

"Commander," She gasped, clearly frazzled. "My gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to keep you waiting." She sighed as she stopped short of colliding with him bodily. "Commander Stewart," she straightened up and tidied her tunic, brushing her hair hurriedly back from her face. "I'm Lieutenant Abraham, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. How can I help?"

"I'm here for my required Physical Doctor and to meet my Chief medical officer," replied James looking at his new CMO, as he looked at the brown haired female officer. He asked "So tell me a bit about yourself?" as he knew that she had been rather busy with all the crew coming here.

Paisley laughed softly, motioning for him to take a seat on one of the bio beds, turning away to pick up a medical tricorder and a data PADD. "There isn't a great deal to tell," She said with an easy smile. "When was your last medical?" she asked, glancing through his medical file quickly.

"About 5 years ago," replied James as he looked back at his New medical chief, he continued, " I had a long leave of absence as I got burnt out and only just returned to Starfleet," as he remembered why he had returned to the fleet, one reason was that he had become bored and the second reason was that he had missed the excitement of seeing new worlds and new species.

"Right, well, that explains the big gap," she said with a gentle smile. "Not to worry, it won't take too long to get you up to date. "So how are you feeling now being back in Starfleet? I know it's early days, but given your history you'll need to be especially careful that you don't start feeling overwhelmed again. I'm also going to recommend that you have regular checkups with me, just so we can make sure we keep you at the top of your game, alright?" as she spoke she worked quietly, using the tricorder to start scanning basic vitals then moving on to more comprehensive scans, stopping intermittently to make notes in the PaDD she had with her.

"fair enough Doc," replied James as he sat on the bed allowing for the scan to happen, "he continued, "I understand that Lieutenant Kees was brought in with a broken arm and so was Lieutenant Rogers, can I have an update on thier status please," as he wanted all the facts for his report to Starfleet. as he waited for the CMO to give her report.

"One thing at a time," Paisley corrected calmly. "Once I'm done with your medical I'll get the reports for you. Have you requested your medical files for the last five years be sent through to us so we have a complete history?" she asked as she set the tricorder down. "Your vitals are all good, but your blood pressure is a little high. I'll put that down right now to stress of new command, but I'll want to follow up again in a week and just make sure it's not staying high."

He thought oO dam, I knew I had to do something Oo as he responded, "I didn't have much time to contact my Doctor, But I will do," as he knew that he would have to put a call into his doctor and have them transfer his medical history over." also Doctor, just to inform you that we are heading towards a distress signal from a ship in trouble," as he knew that medical would need to be on standby.

"Do you know that the cause of the distress signal is?" she asked curiously as she loaded the hypospray with an empty vial to draw the first of the blood samples. "I'll make sure sickbay is standing by for what ever comes."

"all I have is what I have been told Doctor" replied James as he continued speaking " is that we recived the signal and are heading towards it as we are the nearest ship," as Starfleet protocol demanded they do so, He finished," are we done here?"

"Absolutely," Paisely replied with a smile. "I'll do what I need here and if I need to I can get you back in later, but I would like to see you again in about a week, okay?" The politely firm tone of her voice made it clear that even though she was asking, it wasn't really going to be open to discussion.

"Fair enough Doctor, but please can you Have Sickbay on stand by," replied James as he slid off of the bio-bed "including the ships counslours incase we have those need help." as he knew that things like this might be needed. James finished "Keep me posted with the readiness of your teams doc," as he turned and headed back to the bridge.



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