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[USS Churchill] S1: Ep1- The Containment Unit

Posted on Tue Mar 26th, 2019 @ 10:52am by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Katana Rochelle
Edited on on Thu Jul 11th, 2019 @ 4:47pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Engineering
Timeline: Current


Katana had just finished loading the new containment unit with the extra gel packs. It was her hope that with the security protocols and the self contained unit, the gel packs would be become a lesser target for saboteurs. Entering the program access codes, the unit came to life and became self sufficient.

"Katana to Captain, could you join me in engineering? I have something to show you", she said.

=Captain's ready room,=

=/\= I'm on my way Lieutenant," replied James as he stood up from his chair, as he knew that a walk would do him good, after all he had been cooped up in there going over fleet reports, as the report from Lightfeather had not been fully informed as to whom had been injured, as he thought about asking the Engineering Chief that very question as he exited his ready room.

Katana was checking the temperature of the containment unit. The gel packs had to be kept at a certain temperature and humidity if they were to be maintained properly. Waiting for the Captains arrival, she physically checked each gel pack just be sure they are in good health.

As James entered Main Engineering, He said, " So Lieutenant, what is it you have to show me?" as he walked over to the big table in the middle of the room, as he noticed engineers going about their jobs, he knew that being here ment that the engineers thought that they were being watched by the new CO.

"Well sir here is the containment unit I told you about. In here we have approximately 40 gel packs. These are kept here as emergency replacements for the gel packs that are currently being used. In theory, if a gel pack is infected we can replace it immediately and medical can try to cure it or dispose ofvit if nothing can be done to save it. If it can be cured, once done we can return it to this containment unit", Katana responded.

"So, Why have I been brought down here Lieutenant?" asked James as he raised an eyebrow, he knew about the units from when on his last few assignments before he took his leave of absence, he continued "and what of this explostion I heard about on deck six?" as he wanted to know why he wasn't informed of this in the first place.

"My apologies sir but I am sure the XO has told you. As far as injuries, Lt's. Rogers and Kees were escorted by me to sickbay and immediately attended to. The device that was attached to the power tap exploded sending a brown gas into the area thus tripping the emergency bulkheads. When they sealed, I could not release them automatically so I had to go to that section and manually get them out. On further inspection, the device is of unknown origin and I have it sealed in a containment field for further study", Katana added.

"How badly was Lieutenant Kees injuries?" asked James as he knew that he had to keep an eye on her now, as he was now worried about her as she was the mother of his child and wanted a full update, he continued "and the same for Lieutenant Rogers?" as this was unexpected what with the Churchills new systems being checked.

Lt. Kees suffered a broken arm and will recover and Lt. Rogers suffered from the inhalation of the brown gas and is on the mend sir. I am looking into this newest incident with intrest. I would love to know how that device got into the crawl space on Deck 6 in the first place. Was it put there before we left or after", Katana stated.

"Thank you Lieutenant for that bit of information," James responded, just then his combadge chirped, James tapped his combadge and said =/\= Stewart here go ahead=/\= as he looked back at the engineering chief to hold off on the report, he heard =/\= Captain, this is Ensign Rollins, we are reciving a distress call from a ship not to far from us,=/\=

James responded =/\= Plot an intercept course and get us there as fast as you can Ensign, Stewart out=/\= as he closed the channel and looked at Rochelle, he said," looks like your engines are going to be put to the test Lieutenant," he finished "I'll be on the bridge if you need me," as he turned and exited the Engineering room and headed back to the bridge, but on his way he would go meet nis new chief medical officer.



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