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Talks with the CEO

Posted on Tue Feb 12th, 2019 @ 11:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather & Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant JG Katana Rochelle

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Conference room
Timeline: Current


Looking at the Exec then the Captain, "Sir? Was there something you wanted from me?", Katana said again.

James Looked back at her and said, "Yes Lieutenant, Tell us about yourself?" looking back at his new CEO as he wanted to get to know all his senior staff, He looked over at Andi as he knew that she might also want to get to know the other members of the staff as well.

Andi looked at the Lieutenant and sat on the table far enough so that she could swing her legs back and forth, "do tell Lieutenant, we do not bite" lightfeather said with a friendly smile.

"Well, my childhood was crazy and suffice it to say it made me miserable. Being half Betazoid and half Klingon was not an easy thing to deal with you get my meaning", she said. Suddenly remembering her rite of ascension she stopped speaking.

*standing and walking to the window* My father, Kadesh Karlag, House of Markdor, was in the KDF and friends with the Chancellor. Something that is not widely known. My mother, being Betazoid and the ambassador to Qu'onoS, left Betazed with father and took their vows on board his ship before they came back home. Wher father presented my mother to the council it was a big deal and some awful things were said and well it hurts to the day when I talk about it. However, finally being accepted because she was with a child, me, was she accepted as a warrior of House Markdor. So from there, you can imagine what troubles followed me till the two rites of ascension. Well, once I proved myself all the stupid shit stopped and I wound up entering the academy and graduated top of my class on engineering and my second-course security. The Granger was an Intrepid class and I loved her. That was the short version", Katana said. *walling back to her seat*

"I know of that House," replied James looking back at her, He continued," My Brother Eric is head of house Stewart and my Neice is Jessica Stewart who if I remember had the same problem you did," as he remembered the whole saga of Jessica being presented to the council, although she had one hell of a backer in her godfather the Chancellor himself.

Andi Chirped in "I myself am the Daughter of a Tribal Chieftain on a Cherokee Reservation on earth, we all get troubles with family" she said with a smile as she recollected how she and her father parted and the disgusted look he had given her. "I have not been back home since I joined Starfleet" Lightfeather added.

"Yes sirs, it was a difficult time in my life, but with doing the rite of ascension at age 13 and 15, I soon was granted the title of Warrior and to this day, I am recognized as such", Katana said. "I have heard of your House. It is well known throughout my province and well respected. The next time we are on Qo'noS I shall invite you to my house to meet my parents. They would enjoy meeting a Son from the house of Stewart", she added.

"Thank you Lieutenant, On behalf of my house I accept your offer," replied James as it pleased him to know that House Stewart was respected, "And May I offer you the Same," as he leaned back into his chair, he looked over at his XO " And the Offer goes to you as well Commander,"

Nodding "thank you, Captain, if my father ever speaks to me again I will let him know," Lightfeather said and turned to the CEO So Katana, you looking forward to getting to work?" she asked.

"As a matter of fact yes. I am eager to see what improvements they have made to her", Katana said.

"I think you will be impressed," Andi said sitting back and falling silent.

"I hope so", she said smiling. " the way, is there room for me to make a containment unit to house extra bio-neural gel packs? There are too many things that can go wrong with them if they become contaminated or intentionally sabotaged. I have been through that before, and it was a mess to fix", Katana added.

"I am unsure, you will need to get with the CMO on that, with the Bio aspect, it would be wise to have the doctor in on it too," Andi said.

"Agreed and maybe security as well. I will get to work on finding suitable space in to which they will be stored. Is there something else you wanted to ask?", Katana said.

*shaking her head* "I got nothing, what about you Captain?" Andi asked looking over to Stewart.

"I have nothing more to say, Dismissed," replied James as he knew that the crew knew their jobs or at least they did, as he also knew that this ship needed all its systems working correctly and he knew that the Lieutenant would keep on top of it. as he turned to his XO, he finished, " Let's get this show on the road Commander,"

She smiled "and let us hope our maiden flight goes smoothly" she added getting up and following the Captain out onto the bridge.



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