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One little fault. one big problem

Posted on Mon Feb 11th, 2019 @ 10:22am by Lieutenant Ellie Kees & Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather & Lieutenant JG William Rogers & Lieutenant JG Katana Rochelle

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Corridor somewhere
Timeline: Current

Ellie was strolling along exploring the ship, she hadn't really taken the time to do so until now so while she had some time she decided to have a look. She smiled as she heard movement seeing Bill coming down the corridor. "Hello again! how goes settling in?"

Clad in a simple grey vest with black gym trousers and trainers Bill raised a hand in greeting. The other dabbed his brow with one end of a towel which was slung around his neck. "Made it to the gym, so things are shaping up pretty well. What brings you all the way down to deck 6?

"Just out for a tour" Ellie smiled. "I had the time available so I thought I'd have a stroll." She smiled but her smile turned into a frown as the emergency forcefields raised in front of them and behind them. "Is there something going on I'm not aware of?" She looked at Bill concerned.

Bill shook his head. "If there is I wasn't told either. Want to call it into the bridge while I check with engineering?"

Ellie nodded and tapped her comm badge =/\= Kees to the bridge, is there any reason for emergency forcefields to be in place on deck 6? Lieutenant Rogers and I are stuck! =/\=

*Looking around the bridge and tapping her Commbadge =/\= Really, there is no fault reading up here, I would check with Engineering =/\= Andi said going over to the rear bridge engineering console and pulling up the latest data and after some searching, located it =/\= Dammit, contact engineering, it is coming from an area that we on the bridge cannot touch, and get engineering to check the alert systems =/\= Lightfeather said.

=/\= Yes Ma’am, =/\=

“Any luck with Engineering?” Ellie looked at Bill.

Hearing the combadge, =/\=Katana here, you're saying that the emergency forcefields on deck 6 just closed? There was no notification here. That's strange=/\= she said.

=/\= That's right. =/\= Bill turned and did his best to peer through the shimmering haze and down the corridor. =/\= Looks like they come down all over. Any chance you can shut 'em off quickly?=/\=

=/\= There has to be a reason for the emergency forcefields to snap up like that=/\= Katana stated.

Ellie moved across to lean on a wall while they waited. “Bill I think we have a problem...this wall is heating up.” Moments later there was a small explosion but still big enough to throw Ellie clear across the corridor crashing into the opposite wall.

"Maybe don't.." Bill began starting to gesture away from the wall Ellie was standing near when it erupted in a display of sparks. Instinctively he turned away, shielding his face with his bicep, feeling the sting of shrapnel. "Ellie! You alright?" He shouted over the ringing in his ears.

“I... I’m okay.” Ellie lay for a minute clearly winded by the experience, a bump to her forehead which was bleeding and as she sat herself up she cursed at her arm as well. “I’m pretty sure.... my arm is broken though.”

"Yeah. I don't think it's supposed to bend like that." He crossed the corridor in a few steps and offered a hand out to help the counsellor up. He looked back at to scorched wall panel. "We have bigger problems."

=/\= Katana to Rogers, Keeps, what the hell blew? My board just lit up?=/\= she yelled.

Bill hooked his hands into the cratered panel and pulled the remains off the wall. =/\= Power transformer by the looks of things. The remains are leaking a brown gas. That's bad, right?=/\=

Ellie stood holding her good arm up using her uniform sleeve to stem the bleeding from the cut on her forehead. She was trying to ignore the pain in her broken arm to give Bill a chance to concentrate on the problem at hand.

=/\= Leaking a brown gas? Oh hell. You are gonna have to vent the gas. Look for the environmental control junction box. You should be able to vent the area by opening the purge valve.=/\=

"Ok. Good news." Bill turned his head towards Ellie smiling positively. "As long we can find the environmental control box and open the purge valve whatever this brown gas it won't kill us."

"We don't have much time!" Ellie looked at the dense gas that was filling the corridor. "If it's not sorted soon we'll have to try finding a way out of here."

"Working as fast as I can," Bill grumbled. He traced the connections from the leaking transformer to a blackened box. The box's front came away easily revealing a now blank screen and controls as well as a single lever. He pulled the lever out towards him and was rewarded with a healthy hum from behind the transformer.

Ellie looked at Bill the transformer might be humming but the gas wasn’t clearing from the area. It was starting to take what air they had. “Bill...” Ellie started to cough as the gas started coming towards them. “We go!”

Seeing that the gas was not being evacuated, Katana grabbed her tool kit and headed for deck 6 and the location of the problem. =/\= Rogers, Ellie, I am on my way move for the nearest access point. I will meet you there=/\= Katana said hurrying.

=/\= Understood =/\= Ellie looked at Bill. “There’s just enough access to get to that door...let’s go!” She gently cradled her broken arm having to ignore the blood still trickling from her head wound. “I think it’s a dead end but it’s better than being out here.”

Bill nodded, hauling the access door open.

Moving inside Ellie took a seat on the floor, her arm was killing her and she had a headache plus she was starting to feel light headed too. “I’m not much longer I’m going to be able to stay awake Bill.” She looked at him, “ Just do me a favour and keep me talking,”

"Bad idea. It's the lack of oxygen making you sleepy. Talking will make it worse." He frowned looking back out the access port. Maths wasn't his strong point, but you didn't need to be a human computer to work out that the two of them would run out of oxygen before Rochelle arrived. oO Oxygen. That's the key! Oo There were two situations in which the emergency bulkheads would seal: fire; and hull breach. If the computer thought there was a hull breach it would only seal off the breach itself not isolate both ends of a corridor. "I've got a plan. It's risky but I think we're out of options." He grinned. "If it doesn't work all that'll happen is we'll suffocate faster."

“That’s reassuring” Ellie offered a half smile given the pain she was in that wasn’t easy. “What’s your plan?”

Bill was quiet for a moment as he mentally edited the plan down to the barest minimum of words needed to get the point across. The long explanation involved his deduction about the emergency bulkheads being fire prevention, the process the computer used to determine if a fire was extinguished and their mutual desire to not inhale toxic gas. "Convince the computer to drop the forcefields by venting all the gas in this section."

“Wait if we vent the gas don’t we vent the air in here too?” She looked at Bill.

Arriving on deck 6 Katana hot her combadge =/\= Rogers, Katana here, exactly where are you on deck 6? I need to know which access hatch to blow to get you free =/\=

Bill gave a slight wince hearing Ellie's question. He tried to cover it with a reluctant smile. "Yeah. That's the risky part. We gotta hold our breath till the compartment re-pressurisers."

“Are you serious!” Ellie looked at Bill. “Okay... let's do it.”

She watched as Bill did what he needed to do. Her head was already spinning before they started and this wasn’t going to help.

=/\= Katana, Rogers. =/\= He felt it in his chest now: a building fuzziness in his lungs as genetically altered alveoli began to work harder to strain out usable oxygen from the air. =/\=We're in section 1138. Almost out of breathable air. Think you turn the air back on P.D.Q if we can clear this brown stuff?=/\=

Racing down the corridor to where the access hatch was, =/\= Rogers I am at the access point hold on a minute, going to bleed Oxygen to you now=/\= Pulling off the panel exposing the controls, she released the oxygen into the area where Rogers and Ellie were. =/\= Rogers you getting air?=/\=

Ellie had got about all the air she could, right now she was trying to hang on to what little air she had left and it wasn’t really working. “Bill....hurry.” She was flat out on the deck before she had a chance to say anything else.

~ Main Engineering ~

Things were getting worse on the bridge, so Andi left the bridge and headed straight down to Engineering, to find out what the hell is going on. When the lift doors close "engineering" she said and a short time later exits onto a busy engineering deck, she walks into engineering, pauses and looks around, the engineers were so busy that they were like worker ants expertly moving around an object in front of them if the situation was not so dire it would be funny.

"Lieutenant Rochelle!" Lightfeather shouted.

The sudden shout for Rochelle scared the shit out of James O'Donald, who was near the XO. *turning to face the Commander* "Sir, Lieutenant Rochelle is on Deck 6 trying to free Mr Rogers and Miss Ellie from the crawl space sir...", James said.

Looking at the guy who spoke "is everything alright? Any serious injuries?" Lightfeather said.

"From what I was told, there was a small explosion in section 1138 on deck 6. The air there is toxic and instead of the environmental controls bleeding the toxic air, all the air is being evacuated. The only injury was to Ms Ellie in a broken arm. The Chief took off for deck 6 to get to them and extract them manually", O'Donald said.

Nodding she then said to him "I, come to, see what the exact problem is, the bridge is beginning to get affected by events down here, it is disrupting things" Lightfeather said.

"Yes, the computer is not behaving properly. The chief has us swapping the primary chips with the secondary ones till she can scan them", O'Donald said.

*Nodding* "Well make sure this ship does not go boom then because no one will be safe in the afterlife from me," Lightfeather said with a tight-lipped smile, then softened her features "If there are any injuries send the injured straight to sickbay, if they grumble, tell them the XO made it an order" Lightfeather said.

"Understood sir. All injuries will be transported directly to sickbay", O'Donald said.

Smiling "excellent, I will leave you to get on with your job, I think I have taken up enough of your time," Andi said.

"No Commander, I always have time for the First Officer", O'Donald said smiling.

With a final nod, Lightfeather left the engineer to his job and returned back to the bridge.

~ Deck 6 ~

Bill knelt next to Ellie's unconscious form and checked to see if she was still breathing and moved her body as close to open vent as he could. "Try not to use up all the good air." He muttered giving Ellie a conciliatory pat on the shoulder. =/\= Yeah, got some coming through. Kees is down though. What's the ETA for extraction? =/\=

=/\= Ten minutes, just stay cool=/\= Katana said. Working feverishly, she pulled the wiring panel out and took her hyper spanner and began to work crossing the leads to the secondary systems. oO Come on woman much faster!Oo thinking to herself.

=/\= I've got that down to an art. I'll update you if the situation changes but otherwise I'm just going to focus on breathing as little as possible. =/\= Bill sat down next to Ellie, chuckling even as he shook his head. "Over three hundred and 50 years in cold sleep and she tells me to stay cool."

"Then I'm guessing....that makes you....seriously cool." Ellie smiled a little as she opened her eyes and looked at Bill. "Sorry...I didn't mean to....pass out on you."

"Don't be. Pretty much everyone would have done the same." Bill wagged a finger in Ellie's direction, in an attempt to deflect the apology. "Lt Rochelle is fetching to have us out in about 10 minutes. Provided nothing else goes wrong."

Moving to the access panel Katana started to cross-connect lines to secondary circuits and a spark told her the emergency force field released its hold on the door leading into the crawlspace. Moving over to the doors she put the suction cups on the doors and pulled them open just enough to hear the oxygen rush in. "Anyone ask for more air, Rogers and Ellie? How you doing you two?", she said relieved.

Ellie took a breath of the air that rushed in offering a smile. “Depends on whether you count feeling like you’ve been run into by a starship as being okay” She managed to get to her feet with Bill’s help.

Looking at Ellie, "Ellie your hurt! Time for you to go to sickbay and I do mean now! *looking at Rogers* How you doing?", Katana asked, helping them both out of the crawl space.

Ellie looked at Bill and offered a smile. "He's been keeping me amused." She grinned. "I'll head to Sickbay, get this arm and my head sorted out."

Bill gave Katana a thumbs up."Yeah, I'm..." He trailed off and lent heavily against the nearest bulkhead. "Nope. No....No. Think I inhaled more of that brown gas then I meant to."

"You need to get to sickbay as well Rogers. Come I'll help you", Katana said. *she extends her hand to help him*

"Certainly feels that way." Bill replied, taking the offered hand.

Helping Rogers up, Katana helped both to the lift and ordered it to sickbay.

Ellie learnt against the wall of the turbolift offering a smile. “Look at us! the walking wounded!!” She grinned even though her arm was killing her and she had a thumping headache. “They'll have us fixed up in no time.”

"Yes they will....*pauses* I wonder just what in the hell exploded to cause that toxic brown gas to leak like that?", Katana said.

"In no time." Bill shook his head and chuckled slightly at Ellie's comment which quickly dissolved into a rasping cough. "Broke my arm when I was little: two months in plaster. Now the doctor's wave a magic wand over you and you're all better." He turned his attention to Katana's question and shifted round a little to look at her. "It looked like a transformer or manifold had blown. That's what the gas was going out of and looked to me like it had ruptured outwards, rather than being punctured by something else."

As the turbolift came to its stop the three made their way to Sickbay to get sorted. Ellie smiled as she looked at Bill as they got settled on separate bio beds. "Guess we'll have reports to fill out on this now won't we?"

"That goes without saying." Bill shook his head. "I, for one, cannot wait to see how this gets made out to be my fault."

"How's it your fault?" Ellie looked at Bill. "It wasn't your fault and I'll be stating that in my report."

"Wasn't anybody's fault, but some's gotta carry the can for it all the same." Bill laid back and looked at the ceiling. "And hardly anyone complains if it's the gene-freak that does it. That's just the way it is."

"Hold on you, it wasn't either of your faults ok! Engineering registered a small explosion and it triggered the fields. That is what is going in my report. Now we ave to find the cause and what started it before blame can be laid", Katana said. *looking at both Ellie and Rogers*

"Thank you Lieutenant" Ellie smiled as looked at Katana before her attention was drawn away by the medical staff so they could assess her broken arm and head injury. No doubt they’d all have their hands full filling out reports.



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