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[USS Churchill] S1:E1-First briefing

Posted on Thu Jan 24th, 2019 @ 10:58pm by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Katana Rochelle & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:19pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Conference room
Timeline: MD004-09:00 hrs- 21/04/2392


Today was a new day and having just left the base, James stood in the conference room looking out at the stars as they flashed by, he thought oO I wonder what is out here? Oo as he took a sip from the mug of coffee that he held in his hand, but his first senior staff meeting was due to begin as he heard the sound of the doors open from behind him. as he turned to see whom it was he said, "Good Morning,"

"Good Morning Sir" Ellie smiled as she rolled into the briefing room with Bill. The two were sharing a laugh from a joke he'd told her as they entered. She was still smiling at grinning at him as she took a seat beside him at the table.

"Good Morning, Sir," William added as he sat down. "Busy morning so far?"

"Apart from just setting up this meeting," replied James as he looked back at Ellie who had shared breakfast with him, but he wasn't going to let Lieutenant Rogers know that. but it had been a nice change to have breakfast with someone and not be alone, and what made it more special was having his daughter with them.

Ellie was sitting smiling to herself as her mind went over the joke she and Bill had been sharing. Others entering the room might wonder just what it was she was grinning about.

But one thing he had heard on the grapevine was that Ellie and Will had gone back to her quarters, although this was not the time or the place to speak about it, he said "This meeting is a formal get together introducing ourselves," as he knew that they were on a shakedown cruise. "And also plan out the systems that need checking and the status of the crew," as he looked back at them. he finished," Any questions?"

The Chief of security made her way in and took a seat, seaming a bit tired. "Good Morning Captain, sorry for the almost late arrival." She hadn't been late, but it was closer than she normally liked. And she was at least at the moment, just trying to mind her own business both mentally and outwardly. Already knowing that Ellie understandably didn't appreciate delving from other telepaths.

Andi entered the room shortly behind the Counsellor and took up a position to Stewart's right side and would carry out the tasks as and when requested.

Bre had to really wonder about the rest of the crew's interest in Ellie and Will, she could if she really wanted to find out, but that would be rude and besides, she really didn't think it was that interesting. Though the rest of the crew's reaction to it was interesting to her.

"I'm Commander James Stewart Of the Klingon House Stewart," He said looking at his team, "and if your wondering, why that is, My brother saved the Chancellor some years back," He continued keeping his eyes on them as he wondered how they were coming to terms with the news, He finished "and that My Brother is also Married to a Klingon woman named T'Leigh," as he knew how the Klingons were at times.

oO I really hope we're not going to go round the room and all introduce ourselves like that. Oo William did what he could to marshal his knowledge on the Klingon Empire. He wondered whether or not the rest of the Klingon houses were cool with a human running one of their Houses. It crossed his mind to ask, but it didn't seem relevant to their current mission, nor did he want to risk looking like the ignorant caveman he suddenly felt like, so he kept his peace.

Ellie smiled. "I'm Ellie Kees" She looked at those present. "I'm your Chief Counsellor and also a Diplomatic Officer."

"Chief of security and tactical, Neyi Bre at your collective service." She had already met the captain the day before and at least been in the same room with Ellie, but she had not really talked with the rest of the senior crew yet.

William gave a small wave and grinned, bull-rushing through the awkwardness he felt. "William Rogers. Head of flight control."

Speaking up "I am Lieutenant Commander Andromeda Lightfeather your First Officer if you have any issues that your Department Heads cannot solve, my door is always open and all department heads any issues that develop in your departments, please speak to me first. Welcome to the Churchill, like you I am new to this ship so I expect a few errors as we get to know each other" Andi said and fell silent.

"My apologies all but there was a small problem that needed my attention", Katana said upon entering the conference room. Taking her seat, "I am Lt. Jg. Rochelle your Chief Engineering officer", she added sitting finally.

William smiled at the latecomer and nodded to her in greeting. oO Is she Klingon? Maybe? No. Part Klingon, I guess. Excellent! Never met a Klingon before. Wonder if she's part of the Captain's House? Oo

Ellie smiled warmly. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant, I'm Ellie ship's Counsellor."

"Yes Welcome Lieutenant, Please come and see me after this meeting," replied James as he watched the Lieutenant take her seat, He continued, "Now down to business, as you have had two days to get to know your departments, I'd like to know your plans," as he looked around the room as he knew this was a shakedown cruise.

Ellie looked at James offering a smile. "The Counselling department will be continuing with psychological evaluations during the shakedown cruise Commander."

"Plans? I've run a few preliminary drills with the security teams and Marines on board. And I would like your permission to integrate the two departments at least until we get a CO and XO for the Marines. They also have a Master Sergeant who I'm afraid to say is far better qualified than any of my officers who I would like to have helped me work for the security teams up." Bre had, in fact, ran about half a dozen drills and exercises in the last two days. Most if not all of which she had sent the Captain a report on, she didn't really expect him to read them all mind you. But did add in. "My security personnel aren't bad per-say. It's just that the academy tends to slack a bit with getting them ready for shipboard deployment. Also, the Tactical department is more or less ready for full operational deployment."

"I will have my people running Level Three diagnostics every 30 minutes on all ships systems while on the shakedown mission. If it's going to happen, it usually does right out of the yard, the diagnostics should catch it and we can correct it", Katana said. oO House of Stewart, where do I know that name Oo

"Flight's looking fairly good so far," William explained, looking to the captain. "We've already checked out the basics at Impulse and Warp, but I'm itching to really open up the throttle and let her run. We're ready to do actual checks on the shuttles once we get a 'go' until then I've got people running sims to make sure everyone has their accreditation time." He paused for a second looking like he'd finished. "Oh, yeah, one of the crewmen's personnel records have gone AWOL. Probably just a late transfer or permission update from her last posting. If it doesn't show up in the next couple of days I'll have a word with their personnel chief."

Looking at William "Who is this person Lieutenant?" Andi asked, this was the first time she had heard of this and was curious more than angry, they were after all just getting started.

William shifted his attention from the captain to the XO. "Crewman Faren Laren, sir. Seemed as surprised as I was when I mentioned the records to her."

"Interesting, keep on it" Andi said and fell silent.

"Lt. Rogers, just go easy when you open her up. Those are my babies your wanting to hot rod. You bust them, you will be scrubbing the deuterium tanks with a tooth brush" Katana said laughing.

William's eyes sparked with amusement as he turned to the chief engineer. "Don't worry Lt Rochelle, I'd not ask her to do anything her Mom'd disapprove of."

Bre gave William a look "I can inquire with Starfleet internal as to the missing files for your crew member if you would like? I can at least narrow it down what happened."

Looking at Bre "Please do that Lieutenant" Lightfeather said with a smile.

"Yeah." William nodded. "Much appreciated."

"if that is all, the next briefing will be the same time next week, Dissmissed," replied James as he looked round the room at his staff, as the idea that a officers records had vanished was troublesome, but he knew that his Security chief had the matter in hand.

With the meeting adjourned Ellie made her way out of the room and headed back to her office to organise her schedule.

Katana stayed sitting waiting for the rest of the officers to leave. "Sir, you asked me to stay, how can I help?", she asked.

As they all began to file out Andi turned to her Captain "not a bad first briefing I think, what about you Captain?" Lightfeather asked.

William stood and headed for the door. He hoped no-one would require anything of him in the near future so he could spend a little time going over the shuttles.

Looking at the Exec then the Captain, "Sir? Was there something you wanted from me?", Katana said again.

James Looked back at her and said, "Yes Lieutenant, Tell us about yourself?"



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