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[USS Churchill]S1:E1-Crew Evaluation - Helm

Posted on Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:41pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Kees' Office
Timeline: MD003 0800 hrs- 20/04/2392


William pressed the door chime and shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other as he waited to be called in. It wasn't that he thought sessions like these were a bad idea, far from it in fact. If people felt they needed help then absolutely there should be a place for them to get it. It was just that he'd had a lot of counselling sessions in the fourteen years since The Pinta was recovered and, he'd started to get the impression that 24th century folk were far more comfortable sharing personal thoughts and feelings with each other than he was. Hopefully this was going to be a 'meet and greet' kind of session and not a 'lie down on the couch' kind of session. It would be nice to meet another senior member of staff though. At least there was that.

Having spent some previous time organising her office Ellie was just finishing off, Amazing to think how a few cushions, a throw here and there, plus some of her various souvenirs and trinkets around made it feel so much cosier and more welcoming. She also had one or two pictures up the walls of scenic views to relax the atmosphere.

She had heard the chime and walked over to the door to greet William, she could feel he was nervous nothing new for those seeing a Counsellor. As the door opened she smiled warmly, "You must be Lieutenant Rogers, I'm Ellie Kees won't you come in? Please feel free to sit down, would you like anything to drink?"

"Thank you Ma'am." William frowned. "Or, Sir?" He made is way across the room to the couch. His eyes darted about, doing their best to take in as much of the decor as possible. "A glass of water would go down well about now, if it's not too much trouble." He slouched slightly as he sat, left hand resting on his corresponding knee. "So, uh, what can I do for you?"

"Water it is" She walked over to the replicator. "Feel free to call me Ma'am, Lieutenant or even Ellie, I don't mind either way." She returned with a glass of water handing it to him before sitting in her chair. "It's usual for boarding crew to attend for an evaluation, it's nothing to worry about merely a formality."

"Thank you." He nodded, smiling, as he took the glass. "So.." The hand not holding the water rotated in aimless circles. "How do you want to do this? I've had a couple of these before and the counsellors did 'em different each time."

"Well every Counsellor has their own way of doing things" She smiled warmly. "I prefer not to go from a combination of reports from different people, I like to speak to the person themselves. So in that vain, tell me more about you. How are you settling in? Is there anything you feel you need help with?"

"A lot there to unpack." He laughed and took a drink. "Let's see. I was born in Brooklyn, I'm 424 years old and I fly starships for a living and planes for fun." He fell quite for a few seconds. Contemplative. "I'm settling in okay. And the only thing I need help with at the moment is the this one member of my department who hasn't got any records. Can't find them in the system at all."

"Oh?" Ellie looked at him curiously, "Thats unusual, but right now I need to know about you. You've seen Counsellor's before how did you find sessions with them? Did they help you?"

"Hmm." William's lips pressed together. His brows furrowed in thought. "Yeah. I suppose. There was a lot to take in coming out of cold sleep. They got less useful as time went on though." He shrugged.

"Less useful in what way?" Ellie looked at William curiously.

"Just..." He gave a shallow shake of his head. "Never clicked, I suppose. Their solutions were too 24th century."

"Too 24th century huh?" Ellie smiled. "So what to you would be a suitable solution for you? What would help you?"

"I've no idea." William laughed. A booming and mirthful sound but on this occasion one with a note of resignation woven into it. "Time perhaps? I'm going to have a lot of that, I'm told."

"Well I can't imagine how it must be for you having been in suspended animation but you have a life in this time now and it's going to take you, as you said, time to adjust. I'm here to help you with that so if you need anything or you just need someone to talk to then feel free to come and see me." Ellie smiled warmly.

William nodded. "Thanks. I'll keep it in mind."

"So how's that for a first time meeting with a new Counsellor?" She grinned as she sat back in her seat. "As bad as you thought?"

"I'd give it a solid 4 out 5 stars." He replied with a smile before taking a long drink from his glass. "You didn't accuse me of being an unevolved primitive once."

"Heavens why on Earth would I do that!?" She couldn't help but grin. "I'd best let you get on or the Commander will have my hide for the ship not getting away on time!!" She smiled warmly. "Just remember if you need me, you know where to find me!"

"Copy that." William stood, drained the lst of the waer from his glass and placed it on the nearby table. "See you around, counsellor."

"Likewise Lieutenant" Ellie smiled warmly watching him go before picking up her padd and making her notes.



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