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[USS Churchill] S1:E1-Leaving the Nest

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 9:20am by Commander James Stewart & Lieutenant Katana Rochelle & Lieutenant Ellie Kees-Stewart
Edited on on Tue Jul 16th, 2019 @ 9:56pm

Mission: Churchill's First adventure
Location: Bridge- USS Churchill
Timeline: MD003 09:00 hrs 19/04/2392


Today was the day that he had been waiting for as James sat in the command seat on the bridge of his ship and looked around the Bridge as everyone was making their final preparations to leave dock and head out into the big void that was the universe, He looked over at his Executive Officer and asked "are you ready Commander?" as he leaned back in his chair.

Sitting back in her seat, her legs crossed and looked over at her new CO "as ready as I WIll ever be Sir" Andi commented with a smile and faced front.

He turned to face his ships counselor who was sitting the other side of him and asked," What about you Lieutenant?" as he knew that she had been busy with meeting crew and getting them all evaluated, hell she even had been helping out in Sickbay, checking that the EMH worked, as he knew that Sickbay was fully stocked.

“Ready, as I’ll ever be Sir” Ellie, smiled warmly. This was going to be a whole new adventure but she was looking forward to it.

"Lieutenant Bre, are the weapons fully charged and working to your standards?" as he asked the question to his Security chief, as he wanted the status report of all systems before they departed the Base, as he didn't like surprises after they had left.

She gave a nod form her position at Tactical. "Weapons are nominal and we have a full complement of Torpedo's, Finished there inspection and stowage this morning Captain."

He gave a nod and opened a channel,=/\= Bridge to Engineering, How are things down there?=/\= as he too was making his final checks, As this was his first command and was going to be by the book with the Launch, as he waited for an answer to his question. He thought to himself oO I do hope this goes ok today? Oo as a Voice came over the Comm.

=/\= Lieutenant Davidson here Sir, Engines are ready for you to Give the word Sir=/\= replied the Lieutenant as James knew that all the tests had been done and passed by the Corps Of Engineers, He also knew that those guys in Engineering had done a fine job getting the Churchill ready in time.

=/\= Very well, Bridge out=/\= replied James as he closed the channel, He said, " Helm, retract all Moorings and retract all tethers," as he leaned back in his chair as he listened to the helm respond with the confirmation of the order that had been given, He continued, "Ops, detach all umbilicals and notify Control we are ready to depart," as the Operations officer responded in the same manner.

"Retract all Moorings and Tethers, aye sir." Rogers responded, his fingers worked the controls with speed and precision. He hoped this trip would take as long as the last one he was chief flight control for.

Ellie looked at James and offered a smile, it was all the more special for her being on a ship with him and their daughter Fae. She must hope Fae was enjoying herself in the school.

As she looked forward she said two blessings, one was ancient Egyptian, the other from her tribe "May the Gods always stand between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk" after a pause "May the warm winds blow softly upon your house, may the great spirit bless all who enter there. May your mocassins make happy tracks in many traces of snow and may the rainbow always touch your shoulder" Andi then fell silent.

Bre watched from the tactical station, not watching the actual undocking or really listening all that much, she was more 'watching' the crew. It was times like this when a group of people really 'thought out loud' And it was when she normally got curious. Not openly probing any one's thoughts. More just listening into the chatter of the bridge crews thoughts. After all, she knew how to actually block out her telepathy totally, but that normally have her terrible headaches after even short periods of time. She also noticed Ellie and tried her best to "Keep her telepathic hand's to herself."

Ellie could clearly sense Bre, of the two of them Bre was the more powerful telepath and empath. Betazoids had a way of standing out to each other in a room, even if the room was full they tended to stand out from the crowd. It was something Ellie was used to, but not always comfortable with, at least until she'd gotten to know the person she shared a mental connection with. She raised her mental barriers some just to keep her thoughts to herself.

Andi looked back at the crew then forward again "here we go again!" She said and then fell silent.

Ellie couldn't help but feel nervous, even though Fae had been born and raised in space it was aboard a ship exploring the outer rim. They hadn't really encountered much in the way of danger, who knew what they'd encounter this time.

James said "Ops, clear all Moorings, Helm, 1/3rd Impulse power," and let's start this shakedown cruise shall we?" as he was itching to get out there and see what the fates had in store for them, as this was not just his first day but the ships as well. But he had an untried senior staff and knew that they would gel in time.

"The first star to the right and straight on 'til morning," Andi said as the ship left spacedock, she turned to the Captain "so Captain, you as nervous as I am?" Andi asked.

"I am a little Number One, a new ship, new crew," replied James as he noticed Ellie try and make him feel better with a smile, "Let's see what she can do shall we Number One?" He asked as he watching to get out there as was the rest of the crew.

*Smiling* "Yes, the ship is ready to enter warp on your Command Captain," Lightfeather said and looked over to Kees who spoke.

"If I may suggest..." Ellie looked at them both. "The crew are as nervous as you so might I suggest an inspirational speech?" She grinned. "Just a little something to 'break the ice' so-to-speak?"

*Looks back at Stewart" "An interesting notion, it could not hurt Captain!" Andi said.

"That it is Number one," replied James as he tapped a command on the arm of his chair, He said, =/\= All hands this is the Captain,=/\= as he stood up from the chair, He continued, =/\= Today we embark on our journey together, we don't know what we will face out there, but we will face it together,=/\= he finished," we will protect those against those who think that they are above the law and help those who need it, Stewart out=/\= He looked back at both Ellie and Lightfeather and asked, " So how was that?"

"I'd say from the surge in confidence I'm now sensing from the crew it worked quite nicely." Ellie smiled warmly as she looked at James.

"Well that is all that matters is that all is as it should be and that we can get down to exploring and other type missions" Andi said and all went quiet as the ship cleared all objects and the nacelle pylons angled up into an angle for warp and the ship entered warp on it's shakedown cruise.



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