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Daughter/Mother time

Posted on Fri Dec 28th, 2018 @ 9:06am by Lieutenant JG Neyi Bre

The two "Bre Women" Neyi and Nessa where seated at the Desk Neyi used in the armory about half of her time on duty. Eating. Each with a sandwich and a bowl of soup. With only one loan armory officer in the room besides them.

He was however not part of there "discussion" at the time. The two more or less having a some what heated conversation telepathically, about Nessa's problems in school. Oh, her grades where fine, actually better then Neyi had ever really managed, and she wasn't 'acting' out so much as she was thinking out...

"I know it's frustrating, but remember they... can't really control there thoughts as well as us, I mean it's just them in there most of the time. It's why they are so loud at times." Neyi had herself learned this from years on a ship, humans thought very loud, louder then any other non-emphatic races did, specialize and some ages and some subjects.

And Nessa knew this, it still didn't make it less uncomfortable however. "I know, It's just.. gross you know? I Mean of coarse you know, I mean it's not... It's understandable, but I still don't like to pick it up."

Neyi nodded taking a large drink of the soup in the mug on her desk. "I know, I mean at his age, it is natural... And it's important that we remember that there is nothing wrong with thinking about such things, I mean we think about them right? Besides you have a advantage, on Betazied every one more or less knows when they are attacted to each other."

The teen crinkled up her nose in a fashion that let her mother knew she didn't like the discussion at hand. "I'm not attracted to him, he's fine, he's a nice guy and what he's thinking wasn't that bad. It's just non stop in class, I guess where humans don't think or remember there are people who can 'here' what there thinking, they have no inner monologue control."

Neyi finally spoke out loud reaching out and picking up on of the quarters of her daughters sandwhich. "Eat, you've got this figured out for the most part. It's a little weird, but honestly, I think every races experience in puberty are weird."


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