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Security Department.

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 8:51pm by Lieutenant JG Neyi Bre

Chief Security officers log.
After uneventful weekend drills, and a through looking over of the personnel files of my department and the Marine compliment of the ship I've put in my first readiness report. Giving the Security team a slightly less then desirable rating.

It's not in truth there fault, most are on there first duty station, the simply fact is that the ship has a experienced Security Chief and a green Security team. The Marine's on the other hand while completely lacking any CO or XO do have a very skilled Warrent officer. Who as of right now I'm going to be posting as the acting XO for the Marines, and be asking if he can fill in some of the security department's XO duties, effectivly splitting them with myself.

It may take me a few months to work a officer up to being the ACSO. And it may take longer for the Marines to spend a CO or XO to the ship for our detachment. So it would be best if we supported each other.


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