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Weekend Workups: Security Drills.

Posted on Thu Dec 20th, 2018 @ 8:44pm by Lieutenant JG Neyi Bre

-=-Personnel Lounge-=-
Bre was at the moment sitting in the personnel lounge receiving a cup of tea from the attending hologram. And checking the time, her security personnel would at this point would be concentrated in two separate areas. The masterchief currently situated in the Brig, having control of the security systems for the duration of the drills.

And the rest of her make shift security team currently in the armory. Lead by Lieutenant Lliss. The Chief Security officer hitting her com badge at the appointed time. "Alright, now that everyone is in place the rules of our little exercise are simple. You are to sweep the ship without the use of sensors to find a person of interest. That person of interest being myself... Your going to be evaluated on efficiency and speed, not leaving gaps in your search pastern and use of.. human capital. The computer has been instructed to not answer queries as to me location for the present."

She was not, per say going to openly foil them, she could more or less avoid a team of that size indefinitely on a ship this large without the use of sensors. She was more looking for something other then running around the ship checking where they though she might be. She also wondered if they would bend the rules of the task. After all she had not said they could not use personal equipment. And there where only a handful of Betazed on the ship. It would at least give them a chance, she didn't want to be at this all day.

-=-Security team-=-
The 'search' party. Consisting of two Marines and two Security personnel where standing in the armory as they got there instructions. A odd collection indeed, the Marines being a pair of humans. One a thirty something female, the male a older white haired man. And the Security officers a Andorian and Ferengi Female. Listening and seaming to get ever so slightly upset. The Ferengi being the first to speak up. "No sensors? How do you find anyone on a ship this size with being able to use the sensors? How many personnel do we have?"

The Andorian nodded looking at the older human male. "Warrant Officer Reiner Correct? How many Marines are involved? We have our sealves and eight security crew members?"
The stocky middle aged human male for his part seamed to give off a impression of being every so slightly bored. "Myself, Chief Jornsmen and one fire team, so sixe in total Frau Lieutenant. Both teams together we have Sixeteen personnel to find one person on a ship of Von Hundread and forty." He nodded and paused "Also Frau Lieutenant Bre can read minds, so there is that handycap also, sneaking up on her is almost impossible."

-=-Hallway deck seventeen-=-
Bre had been watching the search parties on a PADD, not trying to avoid them. Much to the contrary, she had been going about her daily business, watching the pattern the party was taking, it was not the worst she had seen. BUt it was not good. She was only going to let the search go on for a amount of time, maybe two or three hours. The entire point was more to learn from what they where doing wrong. The Marine teams where actually making a much better search pattern, but this also gave away that the two where ether not working together, or that there leadership had not coordinated all that well.

-=-Armory 1000 hours-=-
Bre sat at her desk looking at the read out of the search pasterns. "It's not bad, I mean I have seen much worse, but I have seen better also. The search shows a almost complete lack of cooperation, and lack of my Security staff's willingness to listen to the Marines. Reiner is easily the most experienced individual in exercise, and I know that you didn't really utilize his experience well." The Chief Security officer sounded stern but not openly mad. "But that's why we did this drill, and there will be others. So don't consider this a failure, consider it a learning experience.




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