Off duty Postings

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This Mission group is for Posts that are non Mission posts that do not relate to any current mission we are on, in short, Back Posts or JPs of the times when your character was on leave and Character development.

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Down time

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After its shakedown cruise, USS Churchill returns to the nearest Starbase for supplies and new Crew, whilst awaiting for the crew to arrive and fresh orders the Crew of the USS Churchill enjoy some R&R before they set sail once more

The milk run

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The idea is that we get tasked with a Milk run delivering Medicine to Starbase 234 that has a shelf life from one station to another whilst engineering are still finishing repairs, along the way an explosion in the science labs occurs whilst they are working on an experiment and there are several injured, during which the engines are damaged Security and engineering are tasked with finding out what caused it whilst medical and counseling deal with the injured what do the crew do, do they risk the patient that needs the Medicine at SB234 or return to Starbase 11 to save the life of the crewmember that needs emergency surgery?

Churchill's First adventure

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This is the USS Churchill's first meeting of it's crew and its shakedown cruise that turns nasty as they come accross an abandon Ship

The Enemy within

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The USS Churchill encounters a derelict freighter that went missing over 14 months ago. How did she get so far off the trade routes? Where had she been during all this time?

When the Churchill approaches the freighter it fails to detect any life signs but this freighter holds a dark and dangerous secret, secrets that could stir the vilest of nightmares. An unaware crew eager for a chance to solve a mystery find themselves for a fight for their lives as they try and prevent the same thing from happening to them and them becoming an addition to a newly forming ship graveyard.

Will the crew solve the mystery before they find themselves becoming one, or will they fail and become a risk to the next adventurer who comes along?