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Lieutenant JG Neyi Bre

Name Neyi Bre

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 37
Date of birth December, 21st 2355.

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm
Weight 70kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Neyi has a tall slender figure, being fit and athletic without being bulky. Blonde hair normally kept back into a bun or a pony tail and a sharp defined face, give her a slightly predatory look.


Spouse Ex-Husband decides. Ex-Wife living on earth.
Children Daughter 15: Nessa Bre.
Father Larshal Bre. Sculptor/Architect on Betezed.
Mother Kaythan Bre. Singer/Holodrama Actress on Betezed.
Sister(s) Neree Bre. Painter.
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Neyi can best be described as "Playfully cold" calm and collected, but with a witty, dark and some times inappropriate sense of humor. And can be surprisingly friendly and charming when she wants to be. Shes quite the flirt with both men and women by human standards, but actually considered a bit reserved by betezoid standards. A odd mixture of to serious in causal occasions and to casual in serious occasions. And she can give or a arrogant or vain air at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Honest.
+In amazing physical shape. Being a accomplished long distance runner and swimmer.
+Cool under pressure.
+Impressive Attention to detail.

-Blunt to the point of rudeness.
-Nossey by human standards.
-Bit of a Hedonist. (But again not by betazoid standards)
-A bit of a perfectionist.
Ambitions Neyi ambition simple put is to make sure her ships doesn't get blown up. She's comfortable in her current position, open to advancement but doing a good job and keeping her crew members safe is her main goal.
She is by the standards of her home world a bit of a overbearing mother.
Hobbies & Interests -Long distance marathon and cross county running and swimming.
-Very talented hand to hand combatant. (Even without telepathy)
-A fan of 20th century earth music.

Personal History Neyi was born and raised on Betazed. Growing put the daughter of a respected sculptor and architect and a well known and liked holodrama actress and singer. She spent a good deal of her childhood being taught art, music and dance. The only subject out of the three she excelled at or liked was dance. And while she also showed a great deal of ability and raw potential with telepathy, even by betazoid standards this she also showed little interest in developing.
And it became clear quickly she had little interest in 'art' despite showing a natural talent for it. Instead enjoying more physical active undertaking.

When she became a adult she entered Starfleet as part of the Star Fleet Marine corps, which was at the time in the opening days of the Dominion war. The war becoming very personal for her after the Dominion invaded and occupied betazed, Neyi being wounded twice and awarded the silver palm by the end of the Conflict. After the war ended she applied to Star Fleet Academy Proper. Moving from enlisted to Officer. And moving into the fleet proper and having her first and only child a month before starting star fleet Academy.
Her first marriage ended a short six years later, her and her husband going there separate ways with a mostly amicable separation while Neyi and there daughter were transferred from earth to the USS Condor.

Her service on the Condor a Norway class patrol and transport ship was uneventful but distinguished showing a good ability for administration, tactical and security work. After eight years on board the USS Condor the ships prolong dry docking and a second failed marriage prompted Neyi to take a position as a instructor on the USS Cairo-A a cadet ship serving in and around the Sol system before service time limitations on the ship had her transfer to another ship. This time the USS Churchill taking a department head position as the Chief Tactical and Security officer.
Service Record 2374 Joined Star Fleet as enlisted member of Star Fleet Marine Corps.
2374 wounded.
2375 wounded.
2376 Awarded Starfleet silver palm.
2376-2379 Attended Star Fleet academy.
StarFleet Academy track and field team, Long distance/cross country champion: 2377,2378,2379.
2379-2381 Service Star Fleet HQ: Clerical/Administration star fleet command.
2381-2389 Service USS Condor: Tactical/Security officer.
2389-2392 Service USS Ciaro-A Academy Ship: Tactical Cadre/Second Officer.
2392 Transfer to the USS Churchill: Chief Tactical/Security Officer.