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Lieutenant Katana Rochelle

Name Katana Leina Rochelle

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 35
Date of birth 6/24/2353

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 165 lbs
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Physical Description Klingon features softened by human characteristics. Muscular but feminine in every way. Several scars from engineering scrapes and personal battles.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kadesh Karlag, House of Markdor
Mother Drisa Leina Rochelle
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Betazed and Q'uonoS

Personality & Traits

General Overview Quiet as a rule but when provoked can be your worst enemy. Katana is patient to a point then because of her temper she explodes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Loyal


Over loyal to excess in taking over the individual's life or laws.
Will stay on station past time for rest or nutrition.
Can be disrespectable when arguing a point that she believes she is in the right.
There are times when getting the job done correctly and on time means that she will put her own health on the line.
Ambitions To be the best at her job and advance through the ranks. Wants to eventually become a professor of engineering. To eventually make warp 10 happen and get slipstream to become the fastest and safest way to travel through the universe.
Hobbies & Interests Reading engineering manuals, tinkering with her models of earlier warp drives. Enjoys hiking and holodeck exercises, most notably Klingon ones.
Her primary interest is learning about her Klingon heritage. Engineering comes second to this.

Personal History Katana grew up with a crazy heritage. One Klingon and the other Betazoid and both making her life miserable. Her mother, being an ambassador to the Klingon homeworld, disobeyed her parent's wishes by marrying her father. When her father left Betazed, he took her mother with him and presented the union to the High Council. At first it was looked on unfavorably but with the announcement that a child was on the way, and after a great deal of debate, Katana's mother was accepted as Klingon still holding on to her ambassadorial status. Katana was born 4 years later in 2353 on Q'onoS.

Katana grew up between two different heritages and it was hard for her. Every step of the way she had to prove herself that she was Klingon and or Betazed given the circumstance. Schooling was difficult to say the least. Being teased everyday hurt but the way her father wanted her to do was another. He was the Warrior of the house and being in the KDF made it all the much harder. He did not believe she should present her Betazoid side so that others would believe she was weak, but rather be strong and do both rites of ascension. Her mother did not understand why he wanted Katana to prove herself but did urge her to do as her father wished. So Katana did both rites and very promptly ended up having to prove herself again and nearly killed her opponent. Katana proved herself as a warrior and finally achieved the respect for all the teasing to stop.

Once this was accomplished, she began in earnest to complete her schooling. Her courses picked up as her new found courage took hold and quickly excelled in engineering. It was also decided that she take classes in security as her father is in the KDF and she would need it in defending her engineering career. He knew that if she was an engineering chief, she would have to physically defend against intruders. Both her parents agreed that when she finished her schooling on Q'onoS, she could go to Starfleet Academy.

The academy proved to be intimidating at first but with her mind dead set, she persevered and became an honor cadet. Her two main classes were engineering and security. These were accomplished quickly, and in the 4 years spent there she graduated in the top 3% of both classes and with honors.

She was assigned to the USS Ganger as her engineering officer and shortly promoted to Chief Engineer with the arrest of her boss. She was also promoted to Lt. Jg and served diligently until she transferred to SB 347 where she waits for her new post as CEO on the USS Churchill.
Service Record Graduated Academy and immediately assigned Intrepid class USS Ganger as engineering officer.

Promoted to CEO upon the arrest of her superior and promoted to rank of Lt. Jg.

Transferred back to SB347 and awaits her reassignment to USS Churchill.